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12:40 A gathering of artists who're also activists

12:50 A big step forward for Auckland Theatre Company's long held plans for a dedicated home

1:00 At the Movies

Simon Morris wonders what's happening in modern film - citing Step Up 3D, The Collector and Scott Pilgrim Versus the World as prime examples and he compares and contrasts with a blockbuster, Thirties-style - Top Hat, starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger.

1:30 Creative families

We continue our occasional series on creative families by bringing together John Drawbridge's silversmith/sculpture wife Tanya Ashken and their sons Tony and Cameron.

Tanya with Lament of the Albatross.
Tanya with Lament of the Albatross (cast aluminium).

Capital Quay by Tony Drawbridge
Capital Quay by Tony Drawbridge.

South Coast Gallery and Ryco Drawbridge.
Left: South Coast Gallery in Island Bay, right: and Cameron Drawbridge's son Ryco taking a hammer to the Cuba Street gallery.

1:50 Flight of Fancy

Sonia Yee visits a display of artwork created over a five-month period by terminally ill patients at the Mary Potter Hospice Day Unit programme in Kapiti.

Flights of Fancy

Model of a legless kiwi being helped in flight -image courtesy of Mary Potter Hospice for Flight of Fancy.Silk print image courtesy of Mary Potter Hospice for Flight of Fancy.


Left: Model of a legless kiwi being helped in flight. Right: Silk print. Images courtesy of Marty Potter Hospice.

Vaughan King2:00 The Laugh Track

Busy comedian and inventor Vaughan King (right).

2:20 Theatre meets nanotechnology

Playwright Caroline Lark and director Yvonne Martin on the eve of the premiere of Caroline's first play, Eros, in Christchurch.

ErosEros Rehearsal


Right: The cast of Eros in rehearsal.

2:30 Chapter & Verse

The last poetry collection by the late Leigh Davis, written during and after he received radiotherapy treatment, and Aucklander Ben Sanders who's published his first novel The Fallen at the age of 20.

Stunning Debut The Fallen

2:50 Jam Radio's Cultural Icons: Dean Buchanan

A chat to artist, environmentalist and mountain climber Dean Buchanan, one of the first artists to be interviewed for a series on Jam Radio's cultural icons series.

Mountains and Rivers by Dean Buchanan
Mountains and Rivers by Dean Buchanan

3:00 The Sunday Drama

Austen Found - what's claimed to be a long-lost Jane Austen story put together by improv kings, the Con Artists.