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12 July 2009

Broadcast Live From Radio NZ's Christchurch Studio

12:40 Love You Approximately

The Clinic is one of the most original and daring of Christchurch's theatre companies. After premiering Love You Approximately in Europe, they're back for the Festival with this work about a long term love affair.

Love You ApproximatelyLara Fischel Chisholm and Olmo Hidalgo Solé in Love You Approximately

12:50 Is it live theatre or a movie?

We find out about Phèdre, which will see New Zealand cinema goers watching a play broadcast live from London's National Theatre.

Watch a video of Helen Mirren introducing NT Live's production of Phèdre.

Helen Mirren in Phedre

Helen Mirren in Phèdre

1:00 At the Movies

Simon Morris goes to the holiday movies - Ice Age 3D and Hannah Montana. He also looks over some of our top short films, soon to be seen at the International Film Festival, including the Cannes Festival award-winner The Six Dollar Fifty Man.

1:30 The Man in the Hat

Film-maker and arts advocate Luit Bieringa documents the life of one of our most respected art gallery owners, Peter McLeavy.

Peter Mcleavy

Peter McLeavy. Photo courtesy of John B. Turner.

1:40 Lucky Numbers

We review the play Lucky Numbers, about a big Lotto win, to see if it's likely to be lucky for Dunedin's Fortune Theatre.


Pacific Underground - for more than a decade a driving cultural force in Christchurch and launched the careers of artists like Oscar Knightly, Dave Fane and Scribe - presents a play about the perils of celebrity.

1:55 Cirque du Soleil

Mika wraps up that hour by reviewing the latest Cirque du Soleil spectacular for us. Dralion, which opened on 9 July under the Grand Chapiteau, Alexandra Park, in Auckland, runs to 23 August.

Cirque du Soleil

The Wizard2:00 The Laugh Track

The Wizard of Christchurch drops by.

2:20 Art in prison

Amidst calls for tougher prison sentences, is there a place for art classes for inmates? We hear from Mark Lynds who's championed this cause most recently as programmes manager at Auckand and Northland prisons, and has just won an award for his efforts.

Tim Jones and Helen Lowe2:30 Chapter and Verse

A panel of New Zealand Sci-Fi writers and publishers, on the on-going fascination with the future, and what the future holds for our Sci-Fi. On the panel are writers Tim Jones, Helen Lowe and Russell Kirkpatrick, and publisher Lorain Day from Harper Collins.

Science fiction writers Tim Jones and Helen Lowe

2:50 Naomi Ferguson

Naomi Ferguson (pictured below), who tells a story, with songs, about her mother's life-changing hippy years in 1970s Christchurch.

Naomi Ferguson

3:00 The Great Gatsby

We find out about the stage version of the literary classic The Great Gatsby in Christchurch.

The Great Gatsby

Claire Dougan, who is playing the role of Daisy in The Great Gatsby

3:12The Sunday Drama

The Way Forward, set in a youth detention centre, follows three youths who escape only to realise the centre is the safest place for them.