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28 June 2009

12:40 Tim Finn

Tim talks about his collaboration on Poor Boy, which is being billed as a play with songs. Poor Boy is playing in Australia but Tim hopes it is also destined for New Zealand.

12:50 Muscling in on rugby

New Zealand's artists are encouraged to muscle in on the visitors and potential international profile that will come with hosting the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

1:00 At the Movies with Simon Morris

Simon Morris begs to differ over two movies - the much-maligned Proposal, starring Sandra Bullock, and the politely-received A Bunch of Amateurs, featuring Burt Reynolds playing King Lear. He also looks at a Dutch-New Zealand drama Bride Flight.

Jane Freed1:30 National Youth Orchestra

We talk to a founding musician of the NZSO's National Youth Orchestra, Jane Freed (right), and current Principal Trumpet player, David Kempton, to mark the orchestra's 50th anniversary.

1:40 Rhana Devonport

Rhana Devonport talks about a Govett Brewster Gallery exhibition documenting factories in Southern China, which are left abandoned as the recession bites.


Dongguan, by Rhana Devonport


Patea, by Rhana Devonport

1:50 Station to Station

Cameron Rhodes on directing Michael Galvin's new play, Station to Station, which premieres at Auckland's Herald Theatre this week.

Station to Station

Tama Waipara2:00 The Laugh Track

Musician Tama Waipara (right). This Laugh Track can't be listened to as a podcast for copyright reasons.

2:25 Censorship

In some ways we are a permissive society and in others, deeply conservative, when it comes to what we read and watch. Chief Censor Bill Hastings, John McIntyre from the Children's Bookshop in Wellington and Professor Mark Williams from the University of Victoria (pictured below, left to right).

Bill Hastings, John McIntyre, Mark Williams

As the earth turns silver2:30 Chapter and Verse

Poet Alison Wong discusses her first novel, As The Earth Turns Silver, published here (by Penguin), and overseas.

2:50 New Zealand Poet Laureate

Lucy Orbell looks at the role and importance of the New Zealand Poet Laureate, which is about to change hands.

3:00 Sunday Drama

England by Tim Crouch.

Art Gallery guides Tim and Hannah take us through their art - and through a personal, medical crisis and its effect on their lives and the lives of others to whom they owe so much.