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Arts on Sunday with Simon Morris for 12 April 2009

12:40 How New Zealanders feel about the arts

Lucy Orbell analyses the latest report into how New Zealanders feel about the arts. Lucy looks at the methodology and questions asked rather than the answers.

12:50 Dreamgirls of Bollywood

Simon previews a post-Slumdog Millionaire Bollywood dance/music spectacular coming to New Zealand.

1:00 At the Movies

Simon looks at four films in the current World Cinema Showcase, and puts on his 3D glasses to see Monsters Versus Aliens.

1:30 Te Papa's art collection

Lynn goes on a tour of Te Papa's art collection with William McAloon (below), who's edited a book cataloguing many of its greatest treasures.

Art at Te Papa by William McAloon

Jazz Aotearoa1:40 Jazz Aotearoa

Richard Hardie and Allan Thomas, editors of a history of New Zealand Jazz - Jazz Aotearoa published by Steele Roberts.

Oscar Kightley2:00 The Laugh Track

Comedian, playwright, actor and arts laureate, Oscar Kightly.


Leanna Brodie2:25 Leanna Brodie

Visiting Canadian librettist, writer, translator and actor, Leanna Brodie (pictured right).

2:30 Chapter and Verse

Barbara Ewing on her latest historical novel The Fraud, and Sarah Laing, author of Dead People's Music, on moving from short stories to a full length novel.

Chapter and Verse

2:50 The Ticket

BBC item from the arts show The Ticket.

3:00 The Winter's Tale

Kate Ward-Smythe reviews The Winter's Tale, by the touring UK-US Bridge Project company directed by Sam Mendes.

Winter's Tale

Ethan Hawke in The Winter's Tale

3:10 Sunday Drama

Student Shorts are short plays written by students of Radio New Zealand radio writing workshops. One's about a mother trying to prepare her socially inept and awkward son for the real world; there's a tale about a beauty queen from Southland; and the third is about an old kuia who works hard to look after her whanau, protecting them from as many bad influences as she can.