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Arts on Sunday for 15 February 2009

12:40 Monet and the Impressionists

Karl Maughan, who specialises in painting gardens, reviews the exhibition that's just opened at Te Papa.

12:50 Street Art

Lucy Orbell investigates street art, is it becoming a legitimate artform overseas if not in New Zealand?

1:00 Film Reviews

The BBC's film show The Strand. Mark Coles looks at "Doubt" which has won Meryl Streep the Screen Actors Guild best Female Actor Award . . . .the latest animated movie - Bolt The talking dog... The award-winning thriller "Three Monkies", and "Moscow-Belgium", a new off-beat comedy set in the small town of Moscow in Belgium.


1:30 Adam Page

An Aussie musician who can play pretty much any instrument, including vegetables, and improvise in pretty much any musical style, and is about to perform at Wellington's Downstage Theatre as part of the New Zealand Fringe Festival.

View his Downstage performance on Youtube

Chris Howe1:40 Chris Howe (left)

A Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge UK, who uses molecular evolutionary biology to study medieval manuscripts from the Bible to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

1:50 Moko

We look at the intensely personal relationship that develops between a moko artist and the recipient, as seen through the lens of photographer and film maker Serena Stevenson and moko artist Shane Jones.


Andy Hummel.2:00 The Laugh Track

Andy Hummell (right) from the Woolshed Sessions, a band that's got a big following in the capital, and from Rosy Tin Teacaddy which is about to release a new album.

2:20 Four Seasons Professional Theatre

The three decade long history of Wanganui's Four Seasons Theatre is revealed in a new book - we talk to Hazel Menehira (below) who's spent five years researching the productions and the personalities. Three Dramatic Decades - Four Seasons Professional Theatre is the name of the book, you can order a copy via

Morris H.J. Richards and Hazel Menehira.

Michael-Harlow2:30 Chapter and Verse

In Chapter and Verse at around 2.30, Otago University Burns Fellow for 2009, Michael Harlow (far right), releases his new poetry collection - The Tram Conductor's Blue Cap…and Michael Thorp explains what it takes to self publish then get your book onto the shelves of bookshops around the country.

3:00 Radio Drama: Durham Crescent

A young man disappears from his lodgings in Wellington leading to a frenzy of media speculation. As the talkback hosts and news commentators speculate on the possible fate of this quiet young loner, a trainee news reporter, Heather Wilson, assigned to retrace his last known journey, becomes increasingly obsessed with the unfolding mystery.