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12:40 Bedwyr Williams

The Welsh artist explains why he's going to dress up in a smoke and false moustache and go on an art gumball rally around Wellington over a 24 hour period.


12:50 Arthur Meek and Alistair Browning

Talking about recreating the father of natural selection, Charles Darwin, on stage for Collapsing Creation, which premiers in Christchurch this week.

1:00 Jordan Selwyn

Sue PatersonThe teenage star of the new New Zealand feature, The Map Reader, and we preview the French Film Festival programme as well as finding out why the French film industry is celebrating.

1:35 Sue Paterson

Sue (right) talks about her new job running the country's biggest arts event, the New Zealand International Arts Festival.

1:45 A play in in Two Days

Lucy Orbell finds out what it takes to write and stage a play in two days.


The radio ball proves profitable for the Halfwit's play, Squash, in the first heat of the Two Day Plays competition and Karen and Christine of the Halfwits meeting one of the Two Day Play requirements: a kiss.

2:00 The Laugh Track

Actor and Playwright, Alison Quigan (below as the Japanese Wife), on what it takes to get New Zealand theatre audiences rolling in the aisles, and about the play she's starring in at AK09, The Wife who spoke Japanese in her sleep.

Japanese Wife

Renee2:20 Renee Liang

Discusses her part in a series of new plays by Asian writers in Auckland.

2:30 Chapter and Verse

Brian Turner and Gilbert van Reenen talk about collaborating on the book and exhibition of the same name, Into the Wider World. And we talk to one of the stars of Typeradio, a podcast radio station which is all about the written word, literally, interviewing designers of typefaces and artists who use them in their work. Typeradio will broadcast from Wellington at an upcoming conference, TypeSHED11.

Falcon Poem

2:50 24 hour art

Visiting artist Lara Almarcegui breathes new life into a street of abandoned Wellington buildings for her 24 hour art project.


3:00 Radio Drama: Plato's Cave by Terry Swanson

Sex, philosophy, morality and Public Radio, all come under scrutiny, when a University Professor decides to frequent the local massage parlour.