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Array12:40 A Brick Caravan

A pioneer in the New Zealand ceramics, brick artist Peter Lange (right) talks about his latest hefty creation.

12:50 Landscapes to Music

Father and son photographer and musician, Grant and Rhian Sheehan, talk about their book about New Zealand landscapes which you can read to music.

Grant and Rhian Sheehan.

1:00 At the Movies with Simon Morris

A look at the latest James Bond movie - Quantum of Solace. And, by contrast, two little independent movies - from Sweden the drama Suddenly, and from America, the high school documentary American Teen.

1:30 Visual Arts

An assessment of the year in visual arts with Andrew Clifford (below left) in Auckland, Elizabeth O'Connor (below middle) in Christchurch and Mark Amery (below right) in Wellington.

Andrew Clifford, Elizabeth O’Connor and Mark Amery.

1:50 The Painted Garden

Mickey DeeChristopher Johnstone walks us through the history of the New Zealand Garden as portrayed in art over the past 180 or so years.

2:00 The Laugh Track

Visiting Australian comedian Mickey Dee (right) fills us in on the best of his comedic compatriots

2:20 Sculpture Documentary

Sculptor Terry Stringer (below right) let filmmaker Bruce Morrison (below left) behind the scenes of his studio for a rare glimpse of Terry's practice. The doco shows on Artsville on Sunday 14 December on TV One.

Terry Stringer and Bruce Morrison

2:30 Writer's Block

Sonja Yelich imagines life as a teenage American marine in Iraq in her new poetry collection Get Some, while Stephanie Johnson reveals an old man's terrible secret in her new novel, Swimmers' Rope.

Sonja Yelich and Stephanie Johnson.

2:50 Publishing

Lucy Orbell considers the state of editing in the New Zealand publishing industry.

3:00 Theatre Review

Penny Ashton reviews The Reindeer Monologues at Auckland's Basement theatre.

The cast.

3:07pm Radio Drama: Madness You Can Trust by Brian Sergent

A survival story based on the writer's own experience of time spent in a 'psych' ward. By turns funny and heart wrenching it is ultimately a tale about the victory of the human spirit over adversity.