23 Sep 2017

Anatomy of a Scroll - Lorde, 'Green Light'

From Anatomy of a Song, 1:45 pm on 23 September 2017

Ella Yelich-O'Connor dissects her Silver Scroll-nominated song 'Green Light'.
Interview courtesy of thespinoff.co.nz / Henry Oliver.

"It was the first song that we wrote for the record that touched on anything to do with heartbreak. I actually started writing it with Joel (Little), quite soon after my breakup. The tone of it was super different. It was very tongue in cheek, much sort of funnier... although it wasn't funny, 'cause I was crying the whole time, so it was just sad and weird."

Lorde with Jack Antonoff.

Lorde with Jack Antonoff. Photo: Billboard

"Jack (Antonoff) was hitting these chords, and they were so angry. The song came into sharp focus for me. I really felt the intensity and severity of being on the cusp of a breakup like that, and wanting to stare at that person and tell them everything that has happened to you since they left your life".

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