23 May 2011

Seal Team 6

From Afternoons, 3:13 pm on 23 May 2011

Navy SEALS are the Sea, Air and Land Teams of the United States Navy, the soldiers deployed to do the most dangerous jobs. Getting into the SEALS isn't easy, of the 1,000 men who start training every year, only about a quarter make it through. SEAL Team Six is an even more elite sub-unit that gets the deadliest of the deadly assignments in the most dangerous parts of the world. You don't apply to join, you must be invited, and so secret are it's manoeuvres that until recently we knew very little about it. Steven Templin is a former Naval Officer who completed the SEALS infamous Hell Week, qualified as a pistol and rifle expert, and, according to his website, "blew up things during his basic underwater demolition training". He and SEAL sniper Howard E Wasdin are the co-authors of SEAL Team Six - Memoirs Of An Elite Navy Seal Sniper, and he spoke to Noelle.