10 Jun 2024

"Berm Batteries" a great way to recycle EV batteries

From Afternoons, 1:15 pm on 10 June 2024

For many years now the after life batteries from electric vehicles have been a thorn in the side environmentally friendly image of those EVs.

Now it's hoped that those batteries, no longer fit for purpose in electric cars, can be deployed to help serve as electricity distribution centres, charging cars but also acting as generators not dependent on fossil fuels.

A prototype's been set up in Mercer, just south of Auckland by Counties Energy, it's known the Berm Battery - even though it's not technically sitting on the berm at the Mercer service centre.

Moonis Vegdani is Counties Energy's chief strategy and transformation officer talks to Jesse.

Counties Energy 'Berm Battery'

Counties Energy 'Berm Battery' Photo: Counties Energy