28 May 2024

From high flyer to fraud: Bob Calkin's incredible life

From Afternoons, 3:10 pm on 28 May 2024

Bob Calkin considers himself a lucky man. Too young for both world wars and entering the workforce in the '50s and '60s,  New Zealand gave working-class men like him tremendous opportunities.

He thrived as a lawyer and businessman until he didn't, committed fraud and was sent to prison.

Surrounded by disaffected young men, he worked on a PhD to better understand  a wave of crime and alienation that continues today.

He offers his unique perspective as well as hope in his new book, Tales from the Lucky Generation: The Rise, Fall and Redemption of a Kiwi Working-class 'Hero' and the Stories that Shaped His Life.

Tales from the Lucky Generation book cover

Tales from the Lucky Generation book cover Photo: supplied