14 May 2024

Jimmy Barnett on the road with the Rolling Stones

From Afternoons, 2:30 pm on 14 May 2024

For today's Music Feature we're diving deep into one of the most seminal, influential, and straight-up cool albums in rock history. Released in 1972, 'Exile on Main Street' was the 10th album released by the Rolling Stones following the success of 'Sticky Fingers' the previous year. At the time a young Jimmy Barnett was finding his feet as a lighting director, dreaming of working with "the greatest rock and roll band in the world". The album made a deep impression on him, and he would later go on to tour with the Stones. Jimmy joins Jesse to talk about his time with Mick and the gang, as well as why 'Exile on Main Street' is such a firm favourite of his.