7 May 2024

Humans need more education as kiwis become more curious

From Afternoons, 1:26 pm on 7 May 2024

Kiwi birds have been getting some star treatment of late. Movie star Leonardo diCaprio used his social media platform of 62 million followers - to praise the work of conservationists Capital Kiwi, who have been releasing kiwi into the wilds of Wellington.

Earlier this month, a kiwi was caught on cctv in a suburban Wellington backyard, followed by a big kiwi wandering into a sawmill workshop in Whangarei.

Michelle Impey is Save the Kiwi chief executive, she's hoping to educate people more about the ever curious birds coming into contact with humans to keep the animals safe.

A curious kiwi explores a corner of the Rosvall Sawmill’s workshop.

The curious kiwi explores a corner of the sawmill’s workshop. Photo: Supplied