13 Feb 2024

Skateboard society formed to increase places to skate

From Afternoons, 1:25 pm on 13 February 2024

On Sunday, Hampden - a small South Island town of 350 people - celebrated the opening of a new skate ramp.

The project started two years ago when children from the local primary school designed and built their own skateboards. But that came with a bit of an issue.

In a town that "barely has pavements" there was nowhere to ride them.

The old halfpipe was rotten, dangerous, and too steep for anyone but top tier skaters.

After a few near misses on the roads, and being forced to pull one splinter too many a trio of local parents had enough.

Joseph Nicolson, Emily Daly-Ferguson & Stuart Barnes got together, and the Hampden skateboard society was formed.

Skateboards piled up by Hampden skate park

Photo: Supplied