13 Nov 2023

NZers dining earlier

From Afternoons, 1:35 pm on 13 November 2023

Some local restaurant owners are noticing their bookings coming in earlier than they used to. 

Dinner times can be strikingly different around the world.

In Norway, you might pick up your knife and fork as early as 4pm. In Japan, you're looking at somewhere bewtween 6.30 and 7.30 pm. Which is about the same time people in Aotearoa eat at home. 

Spain has the lastest dining time, starting after 10pm.

Does a changing meal time mean anything for restaurant owners? 

Jonny Schwass is a restaurateur, chef and caterer in Christchurch. He's been in the industry for about 35 years.

File photo. Wine glasses.

Photo: SIRAPHOL S./ 123rf