30 Jun 2023

Weekend Stuff with Gwilym Breese

From Afternoons, 3:25 pm on 30 June 2023

This week we speak to Gwilym Breese who's got a cocktail recipe for the cooler weather that you can make sans alcohol and still enjoy the same flavours!

It's a Black Forest Mule 

East Imperial Ginger Beer
30 ml Scapegrace Vodka
15 Sandymount Distillery Blackberry Liqueur
2 wedges Fresh Lime
Seasonal Berries

Pour the vodka and blackberry liqueur into an iced tall glass. 
Top with 150ml of East Imperial Gingerbeer. Squeeze one lime wedge into the drink. Then Garnish with seasonal berries and the remaining wedge. 

To make it nonalcoholic remove the Vodka and Blackberry Liqueur and replace with your favourite berry cordial. We recommend Bakers Black Currant & Boysenberry roughly 15mls.

Cocktails made on air with Gwilym Breese

Photo: Ayana Piper-Healion