27 Jun 2023

Gretchen Rubin: Life in Five Senses

From Afternoons, 3:10 pm on 27 June 2023

Studying the science of happiness doesn't always make you happy.  Gretchen Rubin is considered a global expert on happiness, with her podcast and books about finding ways to be happier. But she felt stuck, disconnected from the world and other people.

A case of pink eye that threatened her eyesight helped her figure out why. She says she had been neglecting an important part of our everyday experiences, our senses.

She explains how rediscovering the simple joy of smell, sight, hearing, taste and touch helps her appreciate life. Her new book is called, Life in Five Senses: How Exploring the Senses Got Me Out of My Head and Into the World.

You can try out Gretchen's quiz on the five senses here to discover your most neglected sense. 

Life in Five Senses book cover

Life in Five Senses book cover Photo: supplied