17 Nov 2022

First song: Coyote

From Afternoons, 1:10 pm on 17 November 2022

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Today we've got a treat with a live performance for first song out of our Christchurch Studio.

Amiria Grennell and Holly Arrowsmith perform together under the name Coyote.

They've got a special gig coming up at a boutique music festival beside the Okuti River on Banks Peninsula.

To talk more about the Birdsong Festival and other plans for the summer ahead - which, touch wood, is without COVID restrictions Holly and Amiria talk to Jesse.

Coyote - Amiria Grenell (L) and Holly Arrowsmith (R)

Coyote - Amiria Grenell (L) and Holly Arrowsmith (R) Photo: supplied