28 Jul 2022

NZ Sporting History: Tall Blacks 2002 FIBA world cup

From Afternoons, 2:25 pm on 28 July 2022

Today on NZ Sport History we're reflecting on a milestone achievement in the world of basketball.

In 2002, the Tall Blacks flew to Indianapolis to compete in the FIBA World Championship.

Although it was the first time they'd qualified since 1986, the team fought all the way to the semi-finals to claim fourth place.

Their campaign included an absolutely incredible comeback, winning against China 94-88 in their final second-round game.

Player Ed Book debuted for New Zealand against China.  

He became a hero of the championship campaign, stepping into a starting role when NBA forward Sean Marks was injured.

Ed Book reminisces about that game and their 2002 campaign with Jesse.

NZ Tall Blacks

Photo: Ed Book