4 Jul 2022

Funding boost will help feed more communities around Aotearoa

From Afternoons, 1:35 pm on 4 July 2022

We talk to a non-profit group sharing their knowledge and skills to help Whanau in hardship help themselves.

SuperGrans Tairāwhiti is a registered foodbank, which takes food that cannot be sold but is good enough to eat, and repackages and redistributes it to the people who need it.

They also offer programmes to help people gain greater control of their lives.

And they'll be able to help even more families thanks to the New Zealand Food Network receiving 440 thousand dollars in Government funding.

SuperGrans Tairāwhiti General Manager, Linda Coulston talks to Jesse about what the funding boost means for support networks on the ground.

SuperGrans Tairāwhiti

SuperGrans Tairāwhiti Photo: https://www.supergranstairawhiti.nz