1 Jul 2022

NZ Live: Luke Buda

From Afternoons, 2:20 pm on 1 July 2022
Luje Buda

Luke Buda Photo: Bruce Mackay / @darkerartsnz

When Luke Buda's solo album BUDA was nominated for this year's Taite Music Prize, the Wellington musician and composer was surprised by his own positive reaction.

"These days when we get nominated for the Phoenix Foundation [the band he co-founded] I've got a full Eeyore vibe about it. I'm just like 'okay, well so? We just won't win anything again' which is terribly really but that's the truth.

"Whereas with this one I'm like 'that's nice, oh wow, this is great", he tells Charlotte Ryan.

Violinist/vocalist Anita Clark, aka Motte, joins Buda to perform tracks from the album - and a cover of the Roxette hit 'It Must Have Been Love'.

Buda says he felt pretty demoralised by that experience and wanted to keep this tour simple with just he and Anita, who he first met when she played on Phoenix Foundation's 2020 album Friend Ship.

Originally, he had intended to get her backing vocals on just one or two songs on BUDA but their musical connection was so strong she ended up on 9 of the album's 10 tracks.

Listen / Read - Luke Buda on his new solo album BUDA

CDs and t-shirts (produced for Luke's original album release tour) are available on his Bandcamp page.

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The album cover of BUDA Photo: Supplied