27 Jun 2019

Your finances with Mary Holm

From Afternoons, 3:12 pm on 27 June 2019

There are two new developments in ethical investing - otherwise known as socially responsible or ESG (environment, social, governance) investing. Financial journalist and author Mary Holm explains what it is, and whether you can get comparable returns to other investments. 

She then describes how some of New Zealand’s biggest funds have spearheaded a campaign to put pressure on Facebook, Google and Twitter to take more responsibility for online extremism and violence. The campaign now has support from some large overseas funds.

The other new development is the launch of website Mindful Money. This tells investors which KiwiSaver funds are more ethical, and gives them information on the standing of their own KiwiSaver fund.  It also helps you to find an ethical KiwiSaver fund that suits you, and to switch to that fund.

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Photo: 123RF