2 Aug 2018

Dr Ros Vallings on ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

From Afternoons, 1:22 pm on 2 August 2018

Earlier this week we spoke to a journalist who had written a piece about chronic fatigue syndrome or M.E. for RNZ's online site The Wireless. We received a huge amount of feedback from sufferers and their families about their experiences with the debilitating illness.

Many sent in questions they wanted answers to, some hoping for treatment options. We decided to get an expert in to explain the illness a little more in depth.

Dr Ros Vallings has spent decades dedicated to helping those with CFS, she has a clinic in Howick and has taken a break from patients to respond to our listeners. 

Leading authority on CFS/ME Dr Ros Vallings

Leading authority on CFS/ME Dr Ros Vallings Photo: Supplied