15 Jun 2018

Julie Biuso's coconut chicken curry

From Afternoons, 3:09 pm on 15 June 2018

When Julie Biuso's son tried her coconut chicken curry he told her it was the best chicken dish she'd ever made.

Julie Biuso's Coconut Chicken Curry

Julie Biuso's Coconut Chicken Curry Photo: supplied

"It's just got everything that a good chicken curry should have," she tells Jesse Mulligan.

The dish is slightly unusual as it calls for a whole chicken - such as you'd need for Jenny's "desert island dish" roast chicken.

For curries, Julie prefers cooking chicken bone-in as the slightly longer cooking time required means the spices penetrate the flesh better.

Some people find spicy dishes intimidating because of their long ingredients lists, but this one isn't very hard to make, she says.

And it smells amazing while it's cooking.

"That's always a tantiliser."

Recipe: coconut chicken curry

A tip from Julie: Ground cardomom loses its flavour very quickly so buy the cardamom pods. Look for green ones as the white ones have been bleached.

You can find more of Julie's recipes in the RNZ recipe collection and on her blog Shared Kitchen.