27 Nov 2017

Is Christmas Wrapping Paper bad for the environment?

From Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan, 1:20 pm on 27 November 2017
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Photo: Pixabay

Shiny Christmas paper is not recyclable, so Jesse asked for tips from listeners for clever ways to wrap Christmas presents using other things.

Here are some of the suggestions:

Recently purchased a gift at an Antique shop in Oamaru. Wrapped in old sewing
pattern pieces! My daughter in law is an avid sewer and was thrilled to unwrap
her present - vogue, coat front, size 12!

Save on paper this year by having a present hunt round your garden and in the
house and make it extra fun for you and your kids. From Fraser

I wrap many of my smaller gifts in the pages of a terribly written
erotic novel, it gets a laugh on occasion and looks quite crafty if you
don't read the words.

When we were in Japan we came across gift cloths ( with a sash). They were made
in different sizes from beautiful fabric with borders of contrasting material.
(There are probably children's ones) Apparently they are carefully stored,
treasured and reused for many years. Regards Meg

 Jesse, when l gift wrap my Christmas prezzies or receive them. I recycle the
wrapping paper for next year or I reuse it again for a birthday prezzie or
another high for some body else. Callie from Point Chevalier

A few years ago I decided to completely do away with wrapping, and instead, sew reusable fabric bags. I started off with some Xmas-themed fabric that get heavily discounted in fabric stores after the holiday. Now I sew them out of fabric from old, torn clothing.