1:15 NZ Youngsters on screens more than most around the world

New Zealanders love their screens - WE love our screens, particularly younger New Zealanders.

Compared with other countries our classrooms have some of the highest rates of device use in the world

And while technology does have some benefits to learning, there is mounting evidence that too much screen time is doing more harm than good.

A study published this week in the New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy highlights the risk of harm for youth.

It was led by Auckland University of Technology student and pediatric physiotherapist Julie Cullen. She speaks to Jesse.

Mother and her daughter using video chat on tablet at home. Space for text

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1:25 New vegan butter creation

No doubt many New Zealanders have some new and innovative business ideas. But what does it take to take the plunge and turn your idea into a reality?

After trying to find a vegan butter that he liked, Bay of Plenty entrepreneur Craig Brown decided to create his own, which is now being rolled out in supermarkets and hailed by some chefs. 

Craig talks to Jesse about his new butter alternative.

Herbivore Coconut Butter

Herbivore Coconut Butter Photo: supplied via www.herbivorebutter.com

1:35 Museums and galleries dire warning if they're not supported

A new campaign, Keep the Lights on for Museums and Galleries, is warning the public about the financial pressures Aotearoa's museums and galleries are facing.

New Zealand's museums and galleries educate and inspire swathes of children annually.

They welcome over 17 million domestic and international visitors annually and it's estimated they contribute around $272 million in GDP.

Toni Hoeta is a spokesperson for Keep the Lights on for Museums and Galleries. She speaks to Jesse.

The exterior of New Plymouth's Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, one of New Zealand's leading contemporary art museums.

Photo: Sam Hartnett

1:45 Great album: Norah Jones

Today's link 3 winner will get a vinyl copy of Norah Jones' newest album Visions.

2:10 Music Critic: Zac Arnold

Today Zac talks to Jesse about new music from Emojion and Jess Cornelius.

2:30 NZ Sporting History: Marise Chamberlain

Marise Chamberlain is one of our best ever track competitors and only woman from New Zealand to have won a track medal at the Olympics.

During her impressive career she held five world records across four-hundred and forty (440) yards, won silver in the 800 metres at the 1962 Perth Commonwealth Games and bronze over the same distance at the 1964 Olympics

She joins us today for NZ Sporting history.

Marise Chamberlain at the 1964 Olympics

Marise Chamberlain at the 1964 Olympics Photo: public domain

3:10 Link 3

3:15 Your Money with Mary Holm

Today Mary talks to Jesse about some quick tricks with numbers to help with Kiwisaver and almost any investing.

She runs through what the "Rule of 72 and dollar cost averaging" is and how it can help to make investment choices.

A stack of NZ $100 bills.

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3:35 Spoken Feature BBC Witness

It's 50 years since Swedish pop group Abba won the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest.

The victory provided a platform for the band to become one of the most popular and successful musical groups of all time.

Abba's current manager, Görel Hanser, has been with them every step of the way.

In a rare interview, she speaks to Matt Pintus about the band's meteoric rise to stardom.

She also talks about Abba's break-up, the rumour that they were offered $1 billion to get back together and whether Abba Voyage will move to a new country.

ABBA pictured in 1974

ABBA pictured in 1974 Photo: Getty Images

3:45 The pre-Panel