1:15 Comedian Tom Sainsbury on his latest work, a dark change from comedy.

Chances are you know Tom Sainsbury for his comedy - be it on stage, television, or social media platforms.

But his latest offering takes a decidedly sinister turn.

Loop Track - his directorial debut - is horror/thriller film shot in the Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland wilderness.

The film played in the NZ International Film Festival, and was selected to run in Sydney's South by South West (SXSW) and in Los Angeles' Screamfest.

And it will be released nationwide in Aotearoa on Thursday.

Sweaty and bloody man in his early 40s alone in the New Zealand bush.

Tom Sainsbury plays the protagonist, Ian, in Loop Track. Photo: Milon Tesiram

1:25 Golf quest to raise money for Cure Kids

There are around 406 golf courses in New Zealand and young golfer Peter Troake had a dream to play on every single one of them to raise money for Cure Kids.

Sadly in 2017, Peter died at just 18 of a rare bone cancer before he could achieve his dream.

His older brother Jacob used to carry his golf clubs, and has taken up the dream to play on all the golf courses in Aotearoa.

1:35 Having fun with design, embracing the 'silly'

Spring - a time of year when we cast our eyes around, and contemplate overhauling our living spaces - a bit of a clean perhaps, or a spruce up before the silly season hits.

When it comes to design, however Wellington architect, artist, and furniture maker - Gerard Dombroksi - is all about embracing the silly.

He speaks to Jesse.

Man sits in front of a window in a darkened room, his back to camera.

Gerard Dombroski's Picalo Artist in residence cabin was nominated in the Arch Daily 2023 Building of the Year awards. Photo: Samuel Hartnett

1:45 Relationships with Hannah Korrel

Today Hannah talks to Jesse about grief and how to process sad news and why grief and loss hurt so much.

2:10 Book Critic: Elisabeth Easther

Elisabeth Easther joins Jesse to talk about the books she's been reading lately.

2:20 NZ Made; celebrating business in Aotearoa

This week we're staring a new feature called NZ Made where we speak to innovative and successful businesses around Aotearoa.

If you own a business that makes something unique to NZ, or stands out in the world, please email jesse@rnz.co.nz.

This week we speak to a company that's leading the world with it's underwater drones. Boxfish Robotics co-founder, Ben King, speaks to Jesse.

Boxfish Robotics ROV

Photo: Supplied / Boxfish Robotics

2:30 Music feature: Aimee Mann

For our music feature this week, we're talking about the music of Aimee Mann.

She's an American singer/songwriter who's been tackling mental health issues in her lyrics long before it became a common theme in music.

Music writer Russell Baillie says she's the US female version of Neil Finn with similar classic pop melodic influences.

He's in this week to talk more about Aimee, her music and play some tracks for our music feature.

Aimee Mann

Photo: aimeemann.com

3:10 The cancellation of 'American Mind Culture', a new book

Free speech has never been free.  

If you've ever caught yourself before expressing an opinion about politics, good parenting or even your favorite place to eat, you know that.

Censoring is humankind's natural inclination says Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE)  a passionate defender of free expression. He believes cancel culture is a symptom of a bigger problem where good arguments are being replaced by  cheap rhetoric. 

He uses hard data and research about what cancel culture is on both sides of the political spectrum and how we can all be more open minded in his new book The Canceling of the American Mind Cancel Culture Undermines Trust and Threatens Us All-But There Is a Solution.

Greg Lukianoff

Greg Lukianoff Photo: supplied

3:30 Spoken Feature: BBC Sporting Witness

In 1964, Australia hosted the first official World Surfing Championships with surfers from France, USA, South Africa, England and Peru. Around 60,000 people watched the event.

Bernard 'Midget' Farrelly surfing during the First World Championships held at Manly beach, Sydney, Australia, on Sunday May 17 1964

Bernard 'Midget' Farrelly surfing during the First World Championships held at Manly beach, Sydney, Australia, on Sunday May 17 1964 Photo: Australian National Maritime Museum Collection. Gift from Dawn and Jack Eden

3:45 The Panel with Lavina Good and Liam Hehir