1:15 Likely sale of Auckland parking building eliminates more than 1900 spaces

Last month a petition was presented to Auckland Council in a plea to stop the sale of the Downtown Carpark on Fanshawe and Lower Hobson Street.

The building has more than 1900 spaces and petitioners say it is relied on for convenient and reasonably priced parking for access to the Auckland Civic Centre. 

As of this afternoon they've gathered 8386 signatures. 

Yesterday it was revealed the sale was likely to proceed, with the council saying backing out would undermine the council's reputation in the development sector. 

The organiser of the petition Shery Gartner talks to Jesse. 

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Photo: RNZ / Todd Niall

1:25 Mounting your own mini scientific expedition

Working out of the charming hamlet of Greytown, illustrator, comic artist and author Giselle Clarkson is best known for her non-fiction comics on conservation and the environment.

She's lent her illustrating talents to best-selling books like the illustrated cook book 'Egg and Spoon', School Journals and NZ Geographic.

Her latest is 'The Observologist - A handbook for mounting very small scientific expeditions'.

She joins Jesse to discuss her intentions for the book. 

The Observologist: A Handbook for Mounting Very Smal Science Expeditions by Giselle Clarkson.

The Observologist: A Handbook for Mounting Very Smal Science Expeditions by Giselle Clarkson. Photo: SUPPLIED

1:35 How used scooter batteries could power our fight against pests

Using old e-scooter batteries and artificial intelligence, a Christchurch-based charity and company is developing technology to target possums, stoats, rats and other pests.

Shaun Ryan is the managing director of 2040 limited, with a PhD in AI. 

He joins Jesse to discuss their latest innovation.

Parked electric scooters in deserted path, are seen in Christchurch, New Zealand, on August 27, 2021. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has confirmed Auckland will remain in alert Level 4 lockdown until 31st August 2021 as the country battles with the latest COVID-19 outbreak.

Photo: AFP

1:45 Mapping of Zealandia complete

In parts of Aotearoa you can see rocks left over from when Zealandia and Gondwana separated around 100 to 60 million years ago.

Zealandia - Te Riu-a-Māui - is right underneath us, and was the last continent to be discovered. It's now the first to be mapped all the way out to its watery edges.

95 per cent of Zealandia is underwater. In 2017, GNS scientists outlined the continent and have just finished filling in the blanks.

Dr Nick Mortimer is a geologist at the Dunedin GNS office and the lead author of a new study on North Zealandia. He speaks to Jesse.

Photo: GNS Science

1:55 Inspiring physician Dr Tom Mulholland dies

Dr Tom Mulholland was a lauded physician and advocate for physical and mental health. 

He died suddenly on Sunday, to the shock of many. 

In addition to his career as a practicing medical professional, Dr Mulholland presented TV and radio shows, authored best-selling books and was a professional speaker.

Dr Sam Hazledine, founder and managing director of MedRecruit, reflects on his impact. 

Dr Tom Mulholland

Dr Tom Mulholland Photo: Supplied

2.12 Podcast Critic: Alex Barnes

Alex Barnes shares his thoughts on two podcasts today: 'Everyday Māori' and 'No such thing as a fish'.

2:20 Collectors Corner: Faye's vintage sewing machines 

A recent addition to the weekly Afternoons roster, Collectors Corner sees Jesse speak to our listeners about their quirky collections. 

If you're a collector and would like to tell us about the things on your shelves, email us. 

Today, Jesse speaks to Faye, a collector of vintage sewing machines and other gear. 

Sewing machine made by the Royal Sewing Machine Company in Birmingham, gifted by Mr Hughes Photo:

2:25 Bookmarks with Karen Hormann

Today's Bookmarks guest is none other than Bike Auckland chair Karen Hormann. 

In addition to her cycling advocacy, Karen also raises funds for pancreatic cancer patients and their families, including 'Make It Purple', a luncheon she's hosting on the 16th of November in honour of World Pancreatic Cancer Day. 

Bike Auckland chair karen hormann

karen hormann Photo: Supplied

3:10 Maintaining strong relationships with grown children

Even when your children aren’t children anymore, you never stop being a parent.

Professor Laurence Steinberg is a professor of psychology at Temple University who's written several books about adolescents.

Parents always used to ask him about raising teenagers. Now more and more parents want to know how to have better relationships with their grown children.

Entering adulthood is vastly different from the world we lived in as 20 and 30 year olds. Work has changed. The housing market has changed, and 30 years ago, student loans were nonexistent in New Zealand. 

Dr Steinberg offers advice on how to navigate this new and complicated terrain in his book 'You and Your Adult Child: How to Grow Together in Challenging Times'.

He speaks with Jesse about the project today.

'You and Your Adult Child' by Laurence Steinberg, PH.D.

'You and Your Adult Child' by Laurence Steinberg, PH.D. Photo: SUPPLIED

3:45 The Panel with Andrew Clay and Nalini Baruch