1.13 Has the way we respond to a cost of living crisis changed?

Inflation is high, button mushrooms are around $17 a kilo, and some people stopped buying tastey cheese months ago. 

Many people are tightening their own belts to deal with the high cost of living at the moment

But how have we coped in the past with high inflation? 

To discuss, lecturer in politics at Massey University Dr Toby Boraman speaks to Charlotte Ryan.

New Zealand banknotes, pen and calculator on background with rising trend green line

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1.23 The legacy of the  FIFA Women's World Cup 

It's 98 days and counting until the FIFA Women's World Cup and work is underway to make sure the social and economic benefits of co-hosting the games has a lasting legacy. 

Government agencies have set up a 10 million dollar FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 leverage and legacy programme, which aims to raise the profile of women and girls in sport and wider society.

One of those benefiting from the initiative is GirlBoss NZ's 'Make Your Move' programme.

Charotte speaks to Alexia Hilbertidou, the Founder and CEO of GirlBoss NZ.

GirlBoss New Zealand founder Alexia Hilbertidou

GirlBoss New Zealand founder Alexia Hilbertidou Photo: Supplied

1.35 Kōpū show to raise voice of wāhine Māori

In 2021 Judith Collins spoke about not being able to speak on the marae during Waitangi weekend. 

This incident inspired writer Tuako Ohia  to create Kōpū, a show to elevate the voice of wāhine Māori.

It's a pleasure to welcome Amber Curreen, who is ringatohu, Director of Kōpū.


Photo: Kōpū

2.10 Music Critic: Colin Morris

Today Charlotte speaks to Colin Morris about "songbird" by Eva Cassidy, London Symphony Orchestra & Christopher Willis.    

2.30 NZ Sporting History 

For today's NZ Sporting History we go back 40 years to the first Coast's to Coast adventure race.

The iconic South Island multi sport event was first set up by a man called Robin Judkins. 

Charlotte Ryan speaks to sports  journalist and long time Coast to Coast commentator, Brian Ashby.

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3.10 Your Money with Mary Holm

Today Mary Holm speaks to Charlotte Ryan about how to complain about any financial service in NZ.

Research from the FMA shows that only a third of New Zealanders would know what to do if they were treated unfairly by a financial services provider.

Mary Holm

Mary Holm Photo: RNZ / Cole Eastham-Farrelly

3.35 Witness History

In 2001, Colombian born choreographer Beto Perez created Zumba, a fitness craze which would go on to become a global phenomenon.
The aerobic workout was inspired by Latin dance moves.... and it was all created by accident.

Now classes are held in 185 countries from Indonesia to Iceland, and 15 million people take part each week according to the company.
Beto Perez shares his story.