1:15 Red, White and Brass an opportunity for young pasifika

Red, White & Brass' is a New Zealand made film due out in cinemas later this week.

The movie features an entirely Tongan cast and it tells the true story of a Tongan rugby fan who desperately wants tickets to the sold-out 2011 Rugby World Cup match between Tonga and France.

His solution is to put together a brass band to perform at the opening ceremony.

The Square Eyes Film Foundation is organising free screenings for schools with large Pasifika rolls.

Square Eyes director Nic Marshall talks to Jesse about why it's important for Pasifika youth to see themselves on the big screen..

Red, White and Brass poster

Red, White and Brass poster Photo: NZ Film Commission

1:25 Football chants from around the world

Richard McIlroy won the daily soundbite competition recently by correctly guessing a football chant as the answer.

He then went on to talk about chants from all over the world and his passion following them.

He's back to talk football chants, their origins and how they've endured over the decades for legions of football fans.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 11, 2021: England football fans celebrate outside Wembley Stadium ahead of England match against Italy in the final of Euro 2020 Championship on July 11, 2021 in London, England.

Photo: AFP

1:35 Digital device addicted parents struggling to curb kid's use

As parents in a digital age many of us worry about the amount of time our kids are spending on their devices.

The annual nib State of the Nation Parenting Survey revealed that 70% of parents are concerned about their kids' tech use.

However, 66% of parents admitted they rely on technology as a distraction for their kids, and 50% think they are as addicted as the kids are.

Holly Brooker is a presenter for Parenting Place and she's also part of the advocacy group Makes Sense, which aims to protect young people from harmful material online. She talks to Jesse.

Boy in his bed using smartphone to make a video call. (Photo by CONCEPTUAL IMAGES/SCIENCE PHOTO / PHR / Science Photo Library via AFP)


1:45 New Zealand should lead the way in addressing climate change 

New Zealand should be showing larger more powerful countries how to address climate change by leading the way.

That's the view of Dr Kevin Trenberth a  visiting distinguished scholar from the National Centre of Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado.

He's also an honorary academic at the department of physics at Auckland University.

A view of a tree and smoke rising from stacks at a factory in Lille, on January 17, 2013. AFP PHOTO / PHILIPPE HUGUEN (Photo by Philippe HUGUEN / AFP)

Photo: AFP

2.12 Podcast Critic: Elliot Childs

Today Elliot talks to Jesse about James Bonding, a podcast with two guys talking about James Bond movies, hosted by Matt Gourley.

2:25 Bookmarks with Michelle Savill

Today's bookmarks guest is filmmaker Michelle Savill.

She spent the better part of a decade producing a number of short films including 'Ellen is Leaving' and 'Bats', which found great success on the global festival curcuit.

A couple of years ago she dove into feature filmmaking with 'Millie Lies Low',
which starred Ana Scotney and explored how we use social media to project a perfect life in a generation plagued by anxiety.

She's left our shores for the time being to work on the upcoming season of the hit Netflix show 'Sex Education'.

But she's still found time to join us today live from the UK.

Michelle Savill. Photo:

3:10 Life after tech jobs

The hits just keep coming for tech workers all over the world.  Alphabet , Google's parent company, Microsoft, Amazon and  Facebook's Meta started laying off thousands upon thousands of people at the start of the year, including some in New Zealand and Australia. For many workers, these were more than jobs. Tech corporate culture often encouraged people to eat, work and play at the office.  Google proclaimed workers were family. For 12 years, Claire Stapleton felt that too, until she was pushed out for organizing walkouts protesting sexual harassment. Now she writes an advice  column on Substack for tech workers with a warning for all  employees to  re-evaluate the role of work to find balance and meaning on the job. 

Google's head office in Mountain View, California.

Photo: 123rf/ Uladzik Kryhin

3:35 Stories from Our Changing World

Coming up on Our Changing World, while life on land in the Noises Islands has recovered since becoming predator free, what’s been happening underwater is a very different story.

Claire Concannon finds out about plans to protect this part of the Hauraki Gulf.

The Hauraki Gulf - Noises Islands

The Hauraki Gulf - Noises Islands Photo: Raewyn Peart

3:45 The Panel with Ali Mau and Simon Pound