1:15 Research on reluctance to install solar power cells

The rate of take up on solar technology in New Zealand is stubbornly slow.

Now there will be research done to figure out why we're so reluctant to install solar cells to power our homes.

Dr Yvonne Matthews from NIWA has been given a Marsden Fund grant to look into the value of solar cells of Aotearoa.

She talks to Jesse about what she'll be doing to get to the bottom of the issue.

44317184 - solar panel cells on the roof of a new house agains blue sky.

Photo: lighthunter/123RF

1:25 Science surf report 

Surfers! Science has some news for you.

Research released this morning projects waves to get taller along the west coast, and shorter on the east.

To explain this futher, Dr João Albuquerque from the University of Auckland joins Jesse.

A wave breaks at the beach.

Photo: RNZ / Cole Eastham-Farrelly

1:35 Sports Hall of Fame founder now inducted himself!

There was a special induction into the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame on Wednesday.

Ron Palenski was the driving force behind getting the Hall of Fame Museum established in the Dunedin Railway Station.

And he has now been recognised for his immense service to the Hall and sports journalism.

Ron talks to Jesse about the honour and why it's important to have these institutions.

Chief executive of the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame in Dunedin, Ron Palenski

Chief executive of the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame in Dunedin, Ron Palenski Photo: Photosport NZ

1:45 RNZ's Country Life celebrates 25 years

RNZ is celebrating 25 years of rural programme, Country Life.

For 23 of those years, Carol Stiles was either producing or presenting the programme. She only left in June this year.

Carol talks to Jesse about the highs and lows of making Country Life and what she really thinks of the programmes theme tune!


2:10 Film Review with Ali Ventura

This week Ali talks to Jesse about The Wonder, out in cinemas now and The Good Nurse on Netflix.

2:20 NZ Live: Hans Pucket

Wellington band Hans Pucket have released their full length studio album today, No Drama.

To mark the album's release they're in the Auckland studio to play for NZ Live.

Hans Pucket, No Drama album

Photo: Hans Pucket

3:08 IPA Battered Fish Burgers with Crunchy Pickle & Lemon Tartare

Today Gretchen Lowe has the perfect Friday night fake-aways recipe to make. She shares her recipe for delicious fish burgers with a zingy tartare sauce.

You can find out how to make these burgers here instead of buying dinner from a takeaway shop!

IPA Battered Fish Burgers w/ Crunchy Pickle & Lemon Tartare

IPA Battered Fish Burgers w/ Crunchy Pickle & Lemon Tartare Photo: Gretchen Lowe

3:16 Music 101: Charlotte Ryan

Charlotte Ryan, host of Music 101 here on RNZ each Saturday afternoon from 1pm talks about what's happening on the music scene over the weekend, what's coming up on her show tomorrow and because Friday is new music day - she'll pick us a track to play.

No caption

Photo: RNZ / Claire-Eastham Farrelly

3:25 DIY with Stan Scott

Builder Stan Scott joins Jesse to help the audience with any DIY issues or questions.

If you've got something you think Stan could help you with, please text 2101 or email jesse@rnz.co.nz.

No caption

Photo: Paul le Comte - five15design

3:35 Critter of the Week: Bush lawyer / Tātarāmoa

Despite its English name, bush lawyer doesn't settle disputes in the back country. Tātarāmoa (which literally means 'a heap of prickles') hides its many medicinal properties behind a viscous tangle of thorns.

Bush lawyer will be familiar to trampers - first it plucks the hat off your head then it ensnare you in a painful embrace and won't let you go until it's drawn blood.

Bush lawyer / Tātarāmoa

Bush lawyer / Tātarāmoa Photo: supplied

3:45 The Panel with Anna Dean and Connor English