1:15 Winter illnesses and COVID causing blood donor problems

Donations of blood and plasma is being severely impacted by winter illness, with over 30% of donors cancelling and rescheduling their appointments.

This is making it hard for NZ Blood to meet their targets, and their asking people in good health to consider making a donation.

New Zealand Blood Service national marketing and communications manager Asuka Burge talks to Jesse about their shortage and what they're asking for.

Blood donor at donation

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1.25 Trans-tasman running event to raise awareness of marine ecosystem threats

Over 100,000 runners in both Australia and New Zealand will come together this October for the world's first simultaneous event of its size.

It's called run4reef, and it hopes to promote climate action to protect the Great Barrier Reef and Aotearoa's own native marine ecosystems.

 Wellington event manager Bengy Barsanti talks to Jesse.

Baby Turtle Ocean surface side

Photo: Gary Crantich Queensland Museum

1.35 Electric motorbike start up in Wairarapa set to go global

An electric motorbike company that began as a startup in a Wairarapa shed is about to move onto the global stage.

UBCO bikes has locked in an order for 1500  two-wheelers with a US bike company that intends to establish a  retail network.

UBCO chief executive Katherine Sandford talks to Jesse about their bikes and new development.

UBCO electric bike

Photo: ubco.co.nz

1.45 Mongolian Derby underway, NZers in the lead

The one thousand kilometre long Mongolian Derby started on Saturday and two New Zealanders are in the lead.

We spoke to one of those riders, Sam Edney, two weeks ago about taking part in the endurance race. You can follow her progress here.

Today we speak to her step-mum, Janey about what the early days of the race have been like for the young women from Aotearoa.

Soon-to-be 21-year-old Sam Edney will compete in the Mongol Derby. Photo:

1:50 Number 1 album

Today we look back to 1991 on the NZ Album Charts when Warm Your Heart by Aaron Neville was at the number 1 spot on the NZ charts. 

2:10 Television Critic: Emma John

Today Emma John talks about Alma's Not Normal on TVNZ +. Halftime on Netflix and Baskets on Disney Plus.

Alma's Not Normal

Alma's Not Normal Photo: supplied

2:20  Australian Correspondent Brad Foster 

Today Brad Foster talks Jesse about what the rules are for mask wearing in Australia and where there are mandates for. He explains the rain is still causing a headache along the east coast. And he talks about the high prices of tickets for upcoming artists touring Australia.

no caption

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2:30 Expert feature: Wedding Dances

A few weeks ago the Tuesday Music feature was wedding dance songs sourced from our audience.

Following on from that, Wedding Dance teacher, Angelique Meyer got in touch to talk about the fine art behind those dances and how it's not just as simple as picking a song and then matching the steps.

She has a number of tips about perfecting the wedding first dance. If you have any questions please text 2101 or email jesse@rnz.co.nz.

Wedding Dance, Auckland Dance

Photo: CC BY Auckland Dance

3:10 The stories we tell ourselves about food

It didn't matter that Dr Raj Telhan knows all about the science of why sugar is bad for us, contributing to higher blood pressure, inflammation, even diabetes. He still  found it  hard to resist. So he set out to figure out why he felt so powerless and ashamed about his inability to control his appetite for sweets. He says our culture constantly tells us we deserve a biscuit or chocolate bar. He writes about giving up sugar in the middle of the pandemic and what it has taught him about habit, desire and how he learned to say no.  

Sugar: we eat 37 teaspoons a day of added sugar.

Sugar: we eat 37 teaspoons a day of added sugar. Photo: Supplied

3:35 Voices

Coming up, getting a drivers licence is a big step towards independence for new migrants.

Katy Gosset visits a Canterbury driving programme where lessons in a range of languages are helping new arrivals get behind the wheel.

Rana Alkhalely in class

Photo: RNZ

3:45 The Panel with Ella Henry and Peter Dunne