1:15 Drones used to deliver medical supplies on the West Coast

The West Coast District Health Board has partnered with Melbourne-based company Swoop Aero to introduce New Zealand's first drone-delivery service for medical supplies.

It will establish flight routes between Greymouth and Westport to allow for safe, fast, two-way transportation of essential supplies.

Swoop Aero CEO Eric Peck talks to Jesse about the technology and its potential!

Swoop Aero drone

Swoop Aero drone Photo: https://swoop.aero/

1:30 Losing a loved one during lockdown research

The heartbreaking and difficult stories of deaths of loved ones in hospital during lock down have been shared with researchers.

The accounts were gathered so that more could be done to encourage hospitals to adopt a range of measures to improve the care provided in a pandemic to whānau and hospitalised patients who are dying.

Dr Sinéad Donnelly from Otago Universtiy's Department of Medicine is also a palliative care specialist at Wellington Hospital who was leading the research speaks to Jesse.

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Photo: RNZ / Samuel Rillstone

1:40 Recording devices being used to find long-tailed bats in Waikato

Surveys are being done throughout the Waipā District to try and find out where long-tailed bats are living and how many there are.

A group of volunteers are using acoustic devices to pin point where the critically endangered species are located.

To explain the survey and what they will do with the information, Waipā District Council arborist planner, Chris Brockelbank talks to Jesse.

The long-tailed bat (pekapeka)

The long-tailed bat (pekapeka) Photo: Colin O'Donnell / Forest and Bird

1:50 Tech Tuesday with Daniel Watson

This week owner and managing director of Vertech IT Services, Daniel Watson, talks about cryptocurrency and whether or not you should be cautious about getting into it!

Golden coin stacks, cryptocurrency.

Photo: 123RF

2:10 Book Critic: Catherine Ross

Today librarian at Diocesan School for Girls, Catherine Ross is talking about a favourite theme for students right now, Crime!

For the younger readers, 8+years, she's reviewing Precious and the Monkey's By Alexander McCall Smith. For slightly older readers, 10+ she's talking about The London-Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd and A Case of Grave Danger by Sophie Cleverly. For the teens, 12/14+ she's discussing The Stranger Game by Cylin Busby, Sadie by Courtney Summers and Monday's Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson.

If you want to know more about these books and her thoughts Catherine puts all over her reviews online. You can find them here.

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Photo: Supplied

2:20 Music in C Major with Brad Warrington

Today's music feature is all about songs in C Major.

C Major is a fundamental key for learning and is one of the most commonly used keys in popular music

Each musical key has distinctive characteristics and C major is generally associated with childlike innocence, happiness, simplicity and naivety.

To "scale" this playlist, is our very own DJ and RNZer Brad "Sticky" Warrington.

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Photo: Brad Warrington

3:10 Wise words for a healthy life from 92 year old Angela Caughey

For 12 years, Aucklander Angela Caughey looked after her husband with dementia until he died. She's written books about how to cope  when the brain of someone you love betrays them. At 92, she's turning her attention to prevention. She's seen  too much to mince words about the bad decisions we make when we're young that can come back to haunt us later in life. Her third book A Better Brain for Life: Preventing Dementia and Other Chronic Diseases.

Angela Caughey - author of How to Communicate with someone who has dementia

Angela Caughey - author of How to Communicate with someone who has dementia Photo: supplied

3:30 Spoken Feature: BBC witness

In March 1987, Vincent Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" was sold at auction at Christie's in London for 39.9 million dollars - then a world record and three times the previous top price paid for an artwork at auction. The sale made front-page headlines and is now seen as the moment the international art market went through the roof.

Uma Doraiswamy talks to Lord Charles Hindlip, then the chairman of Christie's and the man who auctioned the painting.

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Photo: bbc.co.uk

3:45 The Panel with Sue Kedgley and Andrew Hoggard