1:20 Further funding for development of early Alzheimer's blood test

An Otago University researcher is developing a blood test to detect early Alzheimer's disease, and can now continue her research with the help of an NZ Lottery Health Grant.

More than 70,000 New Zealanders are affected by Alzheimer's, and the hope is this test will allow for earlier, more effective intervention.

Associate Professor Joanna Williams talks to Karyn about her ongoing research.

University of Otago Associate Professor and Alzheimer's researcher Joanna Williams

University of Otago Associate Professor and Alzheimer's researcher Joanna Williams Photo: supplied

1:30 NZ physicists recognised for their 'breakthrough' in 2021

Two New Zealand physicists have been recognised for their work on the global stage.

Dr Amita Deb and Proessor Niels Kjærgaard from the Dodd-Walls Centre for Photonics and Quantum Technologies - a centre for physics research in Dunedin - were in the top 10 for Physics World's 2021 Breakthrough of the Year.

Dr Deb speaks to Karyn about their work and what it means.

Dunedin Physicists Associate Professor Niels Kjærgaard (left) and Dr Amita Deb

Dunedin Physicists Associate Professor Niels Kjærgaard (left) and Dr Amita Deb Photo: supplied

1:40 King Country shearers to set new world record next week

Next Wednesday a group of young King Country shearers will attempt a new five-stand nine-hour world record.

The five-member team all work for Fagan Shearing, based in Te Kuiti, and they've got a strong support team behind them as they prepare for the attempt - including legendary veteran shearing champion, Sir David Fagan.

Sir David joins Karyn to share what it'll take to set a strong record that will be difficult to beat.

Sir David Fagan

Sir David Fagan Photo: Photosport

1:55 Afternoons Quiz Robert Kelly

RNZ producer and onetime bookseller Robert Kelly presents his weekly quiz.


2.12 Podcast Critic: Ellie Jay


2:25 Bookmarks with Cherie Louise

For Bookmarks today, we have New Zealand-born model Cherie Louise joining us.

Cherie is making a big impact in the world of modelling - she is a disability advocate and a champion for more diverse representation within the industry. 

She has more than 70,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares her work.

Cherie joins us from Melbourne to speak to Karyn Hay about breaking down barriers and also shares some of her favourite things!

Cherie Louise.


3:10 Cagney and Lacey star, Sharon Gless, on her memoir

Actor Sharon Gless played the tough as nails New York Cop Christine Cagney in the hit show, Cagney and Lacey. Behind the scenes, there was an even tougher battle going on in her own life, a battle with alcoholism. For years she felt powerless to a dry Martini, stirred, not shaken. She pours her heart and experiences from five decades in Hollywood into sobriety and her new memoir, Apparently There Were Complaints.

Sharon Gless

Sharon Gless Photo: supplied

3:35 Stories from Our Changing World

This week on Our Changing World, how chemistry can help unravel the secrets of how people lived.

Dr. Charlotte King of the University of Otago tells Claire about her part in the Southern Cemeteries Archaeology project - using chemical analysis to help reconstruct the lives of some forgotten people of the gold rush.

Dr. Charlotte King

Dr. Charlotte King Photo: RNZ / Claire Concannon

3:45 The Panel with Ziena Jalil and Damian Christie