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1:20 Celebrity Treasure Island winner, Chris Parker 

Filmed long before any 2021 locks downs, Celebrity Treasure Island New Zealand, was actually filmed on a Northland beach earlier this year. The challenge saw 21 well known New Zealanders battle it out for 100,000 dollars for their chosen charity. Comedian Chris Parker was, last night, revealed as the winner, meaning Rainbow Youth had a massive boost to their bank account. Jesse talks to Chris about the grueling challenges and challenging living conditions he endured to win!

Chris Parker

Chris Parker Photo: TVNZ

1:30 Locals calling for the closure of a Levin landfill over leaching concerns

Community groups are calling for local action to support their campaign to close the notorious leaching Levin Landfill at Hōkio Beach this year.

An organisation called Over It, which is a coalition of individuals and community organisations in the area, wants authorities to permanently close the dump because, they say, its leaching badly. 

Jesse speaks to David Moore from Over It about their concerns and their planned protest next week. 

Levin Landfill, aerial view

Levin Landfill, aerial view Photo: https://www.facebook.com/OveritLL/

1:40 Science in Dark Times documetary at the NZIFF 

The New Zealand International Film Festival opens today! 

Auckland misses out, but it's full steam ahead for Christchurch and Wellington. 

One of the films showing this year is a local documentary - Science in Dark Times - by filmmaker Shirley Horrocks.

It follows the work of the Prime Minister's Chief Science Advister Dame Juliet Gerrard through three years of dramatic crises - including the Whaakari eruption and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Shirley talks to Jesse about making the documentary and the unexpected challenges Dame Juliet was faced with.

Science in Dark Times by Shirley Horrocks

Science in Dark Times by Shirley Horrocks Photo: supplied

1:45 Great album: El Camino by The Black Keys

Next month marks ten years since The Black Keys released their 7th studio album, El Camino. To mark a decade since that came out we're giving away a vinyl copy to today's link 3 winner. 

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Photo: By Pitchfork, http://www.pitchfork.com/news/44259-black-keys-reveal-new-album-details/, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=33376249

2:10 Music Critic: Simon Sweetman 

Music critic and writer Simon Sweetman today looks at the latest album from Tori Amos and the latest out from Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, an album called Love For Sale.

2:25 NZ Screen History: Ice TV

Join us to look back on a TV show that was no doubt formative for many young New Zealanders in the 90s...Ice TV.

The show screened on TV3 from 1995 to 2000.

The three former presenters, Petra Bagust, Jon Bridges and Nathan Rarere, join Jesse for a stroll down memory lane.

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3:15 Solving the World's Problems/Your Money with Mary Holm 

Today Mary looks at the 'buy now pay later' option and whether or not these are a good idea. The products are usually quite tempting as you don't pay any interest, but Mary warns there are quite high penalties for late payments. 

Mary Holm

Photo: RNZ / Cole Eastham-Farrelly

3:35 Spoken Feature BBC Witness

In the late 1950s a young American scientist, Charles Keeling, began one of the most important projects in establishing the existence of climate change - he started recording levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. What he found would alert the world to global warming. In 2012 Louise Hidalgo spoke to his widow and his son about his work. 

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Photo: bbc.co.uk

3:45 The Panel with Heather Roy and Raf Manji