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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 12 March 2021


1.12 First Song

1:17 Diabetes researchers make major discovery 

A team of researchers at the University of Otago have made a startling discovery about type two diabetes. Associate Professor in physiology Rajesh Katare and his team have found one of the reasons why more than 50 per cent of people with type 2 diabetes die from heart disease. And better yet, they think they know how to solve it. 

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Photo: Robert Kelly

1:27 Kiwis underestimate falling risk 

Many of us at some point will have a fall, particularly as we get older. Falling over is the most common way of injuring yourself in New Zealand and injuries from falls make up thirty nine percent of all ACC claims. Most falls take place in the home and the risk from falling rises as we age. Corrective exercise specialist Marya Hopman says people are not aware enough of the risks involved in a fall. 

Injury leg. Young man with injured leg. Young woman doctor helps the patient

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1:35 Pop up repair café hits Karangahape Rd this weekend 

In your heart of hearts, are you reducing waste enough? We all try our best but it can be difficult to actually reduce our waste footprint, especially when things break. That's a problem that the Repair Café movement  is setting out to solve and there's one popping up on K Rd tomorrow! 

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1:50 Rural Games underway in Palmerston North from today

From speed fencing to tree climbing, there's a huge number of agricultural competitive events being held over the coming three days in Palmerston North at the Ford Ranger Rural Games.

Jesse speaks to the Rural Games founder, Steve Hollander, about the event and new competitive sports included this year.

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2:10 Film Review with Ali Ventura

Ali has been to see The Father and Chaos Walking this week. She reports back to Jesse on taking on drama and dystopia in Auckland's level two. 

2:20 NZ Live: Foley

Today Kiwi pop duo Foley join Jesse in the studio for the NZ Live session.

Their appearance also coincides with the release of their new EP - Vaction!

Kiwi pop duo Foley.

Kiwi pop duo Foley. Photo: Frances Carter

3:08 Brussel sprout breakfast Caesar salad with tempeh bacon

Today food writer Kelly Gibney shares a delicious recipe for the brussel sprout fans.

She also has the vegan options for the brussel sprout breakfast caesar salad with tempeh bacon.

Brussel sprout caesar salad with tempeh bacon

Brussel sprout caesar salad with tempeh bacon Photo: suppled

3:16 Music 101: Charlotte Ryan

Charlotte Ryan, host of Music 101 here on RNZ each Saturday afternoon from midday talks about what's happening on the music scene over the weekend, what's coming up on her show tomorrow and because Friday is new music day - she'll pick us a track to play.

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Photo: RNZ / Claire-Eastham Farrelly


3:25 Weekend Stuff with Stan Scott

Builder Stan Scott joins Jesse to help solve your DIY conundrums.

3:35 Critter of the Week: The Sinbad Skink

In the same valley that Aotearoa's last surviving mainland kākāpō were found in the 1970s, a rare and beautiful species of skink was discovered in 2004. Hanging on to life in the steep, glaciated Sinbad Gully below Fiordland's iconic Mitre Peak, the shiny black and green Sinbad skink is a true endemic mountain climber.

3:45 The Panel with Catherine Robertson and Chris Wikaira