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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 4 February 2021

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1:17 Otago University opens a dental facility in Auckland.

The University of Otago's Faculty of Dentistry has officially opened a new facility in South Auckland today.

The clinic in Manurewa offers affordable dental treatment to patients, including from students under supervision.

Dr David Roessler is the Clinical Director of the facility he talks to Jesse about why it has been built in Auckland.

Otago University Dental Facility in Auckland

Otago University Dental Facility in Auckland Photo: Supplied

1:27 More vacant retail outlets on Lambton Quay

A retail researcher has noticed an increase in vacancies along Lambton Quay over the past six months.

Just yesterday David Jones announced it too would be closing down it's department store operating from the former Kirkcaldie & Stains site.

Martin Craig talks to Jesse about the vacant retail sites which are not surviving in spite of strong foot traffic.

Traffic on Lambton Quay.

Photo: 123rf

1:35 NZ shot Horror action film released today

New Zealand director, Roseanne Liang's latest film opens in cinemas around the country today.

She talks to Jesse about filming Shadow in the Cloud entirely in New Zealand with a stellar international cast.

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1:45 Great album


2:10 Music Critic: Simon Sweetman

Today Simon Sweetman reviews Brian Eno, "Film Music 1976-2020" - a new compilation of Eno's film music and Bananarama, "Cruel Summer".


2:20 Recipe request: Inland Adventures' Camp Oven Lasagne

Eateries all over the country have their special recipes. We've asked you what recipe you would like from your favourite cafe - and on your behalf we've invited them onto the show to share their secret. Today we're helping out Peter, who wrote to us after going on a rafting trip with Inland Adventures where they served him a delicious Camp Oven Lasagne.

Camp Oven Lasagne from Inland Adventures

Camp Oven Lasagne from Inland Adventures Photo: Inland Adventures

2:25 NZ Screen History: McPhail and Gadsby

In 1977 David McPhail, then a young producer with the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation, pitched an idea for a satirical comedy show to air on it's second channel, South Pacific Television.

The response from his superiors was that it was a terrible idea because New Zealanders do not have a sense of humour as they are staunch sensible people who don't like laughing, and certainly don't like laughing at themselves

But he persevered and went on to make A Week of It - which was followed by McPhail and Gadsby

In this week's look back at kiwi screen history -we're talking to David McPhail - who joins us on the phone from Christchurch

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3:15 Solving the World's Problems with Steve Wyn-Harris

Hawkes Bay sheep and beef farmer Steve Wyn-Harris talks to Jesse about the effects that tourism has on CO2 emissions in a week where agriculture was under the spotlight by the Climate Change Commission.

Steve Wyn-Harris with his wife Jane and when at home, sons Jason, Hugh and Matt on their Hawkes Bay farm

Steve Wyn-Harris with his wife Jane and when at home, sons Jason, Hugh and Matt on their Hawkes Bay farm Photo:

3.25 History with Dr Grant Morris

New Zealanders love to travel, and in particular, we love travelling overseas. In March 2020, that all came to an abrupt halt when the government closed the borders due to the Covid pandemic. What is the history of the NZ overseas holiday?  Today, Dr Grant Morris tchart the golden age of NZ overseas travel from the mid-1960s to 2020.  

Air New Zealand plane.

Air New Zealand plane. Photo: Supplied / Air NZ

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