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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 6 November 2020

Critter of the Week t-shirts

Critter of the Week t-shirts Photo: RNZ/Liminal

Critter of the Week T-Shirt donations

We sold 1229 critter t-shirts. $5 from every t-shirt sale was put into a special fund to go to community groups doing their bit to protect native critters and eradicate pests.

We now have $6145.00 to give away. If you want to apply for some of the money, please email with information about your community group and what you would do with the money. Please put Critter T Fund in the subject line.

1.12 First Song:

1:17 Reaction to Donald Trump's defiant speech

US President Donald Trump has delivered a speech saying Joe Biden is stealing the election because illegal votes are being counted, and that based on legal votes, he himself should have won.

Washington correspondent Jagruti Dave joins us with us with the latest on the election vote count. We also speak with Democratic political commentator and columnist at The Hill, Brent Budowsky.

People demand that every vote of the US  presidential election is counted, during a rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

People demand that every vote of the US presidential election is counted, during a rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Photo: Yomiuri

1:27 The programme to improve Lake Rotorua's water quality

The Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes Programme is in charge of improving Lake Rotorua's water quality, with the goal of removing 320 tonnes of nitrogen from the lake by 2032. 

Jesse speaks to Helen Creagh the Rotorua Catchments Manager about how the programme works and what results it has achieved so far.

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Photo: 123rf

1:35 Eliza McCartney backs Switch to Water challenge

 Olympic pole-vaulter Eliza McCartney who is championing a New Zealand Dental Association campaign to get us to swap sugary drinks for water. 

Jesse speaks to Eliza about why she's fronting the campaign and what she hopes it will achieve.

Eliza McCartney.

Eliza McCartney. Photo: PHOTOSPORT

1:50 Sheep farmer on mission to reduce environmental footprint

Wairarapa sheep farmer Rob Dick has been celebrated for his work to reduce his property's environmental footprint. 

He's been given the Greater Wellington Synlait Climate Stewardship Award in this year's Ballance Farm Environment Awards, run by the Farm Environment Trust. 

Jesse speaks to Rob about the work he's doing to reduce his carbon footprint. 

Wairarapa sheep farmer Rob Dick

Wairarapa sheep farmer Rob Dick Photo: NZ Farm Environment Trust

2:10 New Zealand election final results

RNZ political editor Jane Patterson joins Jesse to talk about the final count for the New Zealand General Election and the two referendums. 

New Zealand election

Next Saturday New Zealanders will vote in the 2014 election. Photo: Photo NZ

2:15 Film Review with Ali Ventura

Ali reviews the disaster film Greenland, starring Gerard Butler and British romantic thriller, Rebecca based on the 1938 novel of the same name by Daphne du Maurier.

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2:20 NZ Live Jack Page and Emily C.Browning

After having a bit of lockdown fever this year, Jack Page and Emily C.Browning joined musical forces and are hitting the road and playing a 9 date tour. They each perform some of their own songs for us in our Wellington studio

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Photo: supplied


3:08 Al Brown's Smashed potatoes

Al Brown joins us to share a recipe for Smashed Griddle Potatoes with black olive mayo

Al Brown's Smashed Griddle Potatoes with Black Olive Mayo & Fresh Herbs

Al Brown's Smashed Griddle Potatoes with Black Olive Mayo & Fresh Herbs Photo: Supplied/Al Brown


3:16 Music 101: Charlotte Ryan

Charlotte Ryan, host of Music 101 here on RNZ each Saturday afternoon from midday talks about what's happening on the music scene over the weekend, what's coming up on her show tomorrow and because Friday is new music day - she'll pick us a track to play.

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Photo: RNZ / Claire-Eastham Farrelly


3:25 Builder Stan Scott answers your DIY questions

Stan answers questions about replacing rotted windows, replacing roof tiles, fixing old sash windows and the best ways to build a wood shed.

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Photo: Public Domain


3:35 Critter of the Week: The Reefton Water Beetle

The Reefton Water Beetle is a small black water scavenger that can't swim.

It is less than 3mm long and is a glossy brown to black, and found around waterfalls at sunny sites in Nelson, Buller and Marlborough

Reefton Beetle - Horelophus walkeri

Reefton Beetle - Horelophus walkeri Photo: Mark Anderson CC BY-SA 4.0

3:45 The Panel with Raybon Kan and Victoria Stewart