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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 13 August 2020

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1:17 Covid testing increase and genome testing key 

With the current outbreak in Auckland experts say testing is key to keeping the spread of COVID-19 contained. It's also been emphasised that genome testing will help understand how long the virus has been in the community. 

Physicist and virus modeller, Auckland Professor Shaun Hendy, talks to Jesse about why more testing will help as well as what the genomes tell scientists. 

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1:27 Business outlook uncertain under community transmission outbreak 

Businesses face an uncertain future with the community transmission of COVID-19 in South Auckland, as longer periods lock down restrictions are floated. 

Business NZ chief executive Kirk Hope talks to Jesse about the impact the resurgence of COVID-19 will have on confidence and planning around the country. 

Business NZ chief executive Kirk Hope.

Business NZ chief executive Kirk Hope. Photo: RNZ / Supplied

1:35 Hospitality in Auckland under pressure in alert level 3

Auckland hospitality operators have been hit hard by a return to alert level 3 restrictions, which means no seated dining in cafes and restaurants. 

Jesse speaks to Yael Shochat about her central city restaurant, Ima Cuisine, during these times and what the future is looking like for her. 

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1:45 Great album: Neil Diamond - All-Time Greatest Hits 


2:10 Colin Morris talks music

Colin reviews Unfollow The Rules by Rufus Wainwright and continues his "whatever happened to..?" Today he features the artist The Association 

2:20 Recipe request

Eateries all over the country have their special recipes. We've asked you what recipe you would like from your favourite cafe - and on your behalf we've invited them onto the show to share their secret. Today we're showcasing Keto Scones from BABCO in Palmerston North. 

Keto Scones

Keto Scones Photo: BABCO

2:25 Crimes NZ: The Kahui Twins

Back in 2006 Chris and Cru Kahui were just 84 days old when they were fatally injured. Marie Dyhrberg was the lawyer for Macsyna King, the twins' mother and she joins Jesse to talk about the case that shocked and angered the nation.

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Paperback Writer / Staying Alive / News of the World

Answer Each song mentions a newspaper 


3:15 Your Money with Mary Holm: How much do you need to save for retirement?

For the first time your Kiwisaver statement tells you how much you're likely to have by the time you're 65 - but will it be enough? Financial author and journalist Mary Holm will discuss how you can work out what's a reasonable goal for you!

3:35 Only Human

3:45 The Panel with Laila Harre and Stephen Jacobi