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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 2 August 2019

1:10 Liam Finn performs Neil Young's Needle & The Damage Done

Liam Finn singing Neil Young's 'The Needle and the Damage Done' in the RNZ Auckland studio.

Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

NEIL YOUNG LIVE RUST 1979 ALBUM | THE TOUR kicks off in Wellington next week. They'll also be playing in Auckland and Christchurch .

And what a line-up - some of the biggest names in NZ music are featuring, including Jon Toogood; Liam Finn; Samuel Flynn Scott and Chris O'Connor from The Phoenix Foundation; SJD; Reb Fountain and Delaney Davidson, together with The Bads' Dianne Swann and Brett Adams. 

Liam Finn is in for First Song today and will perform live Needle & The Damage Done on acoustic guitar. 

1:17 Women in engineering

Even in this day and age, female engineers are still hard to come by. That could be because there is a still stigma in the industry that women aren't "suited" to the job.

For that reason, tech jobs are mainly male and there is low enrolment in tertiary courses. 

Professor Philippa Martin knows the struggle, but she's worked hard against it. She became the first female professor in the Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering at the University of Canterbury. She is also the Dean of Enginnering and will be hosting a talk about women in the field next week. 

Female construction engineer/architect using tablet computer at construction site

Photo: 123RF


1:27 Kiwi Fortnite players return home

No doubt you've heard of E-Sports, the competitive playing of video games. Fortnite is probably one of the most popular of those games, so much so there's just been the first ever Fortnite World Cup, held in New York. 

And New Zealand had a team in the running. Chris Hunt and Sam Pearson competed in the duos final. They came last but managed to score themselves more than $70,000 each in prize money. 

Chris and Sam have just returned from the tournament and are in studio to tell us how it went. 


1:35 Meet the dog sniffing out seabirds

What's a better mix than dogs, birds and beaches? 

The Karioi Project has a charity auction featuring all three. They're trying to raise fund for a specialist sebird dog to visit Raglan in search of burrows and chicks. 

The winner of this auction will meet Rua and the dog and his handler Jo in the coastal town, and see their work protecting and monitoring the seabirds there. Project manager Kristel van Houte tells us more.


1:50 The agriculture sector and young people

The Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme has been running for decades, where students go to learn about, and hopefully thrive in, the agriculture sector. 

Olivia Ross is an alumni of the programme, she recently presented her research to parliament. She tells us about her work. 

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2:10 Film Review: Graeme Tuckett

Graeme reviews:

Helen Kelly: Together.
Births, Deaths and Marriages.
Hobbs and Shaw.


2:20 NZ Live Blair Parkes

New Brighton based Blair Parkes is in the Christchurch studio for NZ Live today. The multi-talented Cantabrian has released 38 singles, albums and EPs over the past 31 years. Today he shares some tracks from his latest and fifth album, Liveable City.

Blair Parkes

Blair Parkes Photo: Supplied


3:10 Kelly Gibney: Healing Homemade Chicken Soup

Food writer Kelly Gibney is in the studio on this chilly winter's afternoon to warm our hearts and souls with her recipe for Healing Homemade Chicken Soup

Healing homemade chicken soup

Healing homemade chicken soup Photo: supplied


3.20 Keeping your home warm and dry on a budget

Builder Stan Scott tells us how we can do simple things ourselves for little or no outlay that will make our homes arm and cosy this winter.


3:30 Critter of the Week Cook Strait giant wētā, Deinacrida rugosa​

Nicola Toki, Doc's Threatened Species Ambassador talks today about the Cook Strait giant wētā, Deinacrida rugosa. These critters were the first-ever insect translocation in New Zealand, and the first to wear adorable radiotracking backpacks. 


Calling all knitters! KNIT A CRITTER

In association with Critter of the Week and the New Zealand Red Cross we are asking you to knit a native NZ critter for our Knit a Critter competition!

It can be shaped like the critter or knitted critter image on an item of clothing like a beanie. It's up to you!

For any wearable items, do please use pure wool.
All the entries will go to the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre for new refugee families.
The winner gets a prize pack from RNZ Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan, including a new critter of the week t-shirt!


Knit your critter

Send a photo of your entry to (please put Knit a Critter in subject line)

Send the knitted critter by freepost to us, so we can arrange for delivery via the Red Cross to the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre.
RNZ Knit a Critter
Freepost 257673 

Entries must be sent no later than Tuesday 15th October.

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Photo: RNZ

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Tayyaba Khan and Shane Te Pou