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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 26 November 2018

1:10 First song: Avalanche City

Avalanche City is the stage name of sing songwriter, Dave Baxter - he's been working on this third album over the past few months and joins us in our Auckland studio to perform his new single, Prayed for Love

Avalanche City

Avalanche City Photo: wikipedia

1:15 Understanding ecosystems through mātauranga Māori

Mātauranga Māori is a source of knowledge in Aotearoa, it encompasses values, cultural practice and worldview. 

And that worldview could inform they way we shape freshwater and marine management, according to a new special issue in New Zealand's Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research.
Freshwater ecologist and the editor of the paper, Joanne Clapcott joins us now to explain what it is and how mātauranga Māori could enhance our understand our aquatic ecosystems. 

Life depends on freshwater.

Life depends on freshwater. Photo: CC BY-NC 2.0 Timothy Swinson

1:25 Kiwi comedians trying to get home safely

Getting home at night if you're not a man isn't that simple, as we've heard recently. 

Drive Her was created as another ride-sharing option solely for women, while Uber last week announced a campaign to teach its drivers, and passengers, about what is and is not appropriate conduct. 

For female comedians in New Zealand the danger is real and concerning, which is why a fundraiser has been set up to help them get home safe.

It was created by comedy duo Fan Brigade and one of them, Livi Reihana, tells us more. 

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Photo: Supplied

1:30 PHAROS - Childish Gambino's Auckland concert

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Photo: Ali Ventura

This weekend there was one word on the lips of music fans: PHAROS. 

Rapper Childish Gambino - AKA Donald Glover - choose New Zealand for a one-of-a-kind concert, or as he called it, an "experience". 

Afternoons producer Ali Ventura tells us what is was like in the dome. 

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Photo: Ali Ventura

1:35 Nigella Lawson in New Zealand

The "domestic goddess" herself Nigella Lawson is coming to New Zealand this summer.

The food writer, who has sold more than ten million cookbooks, will bring her new stage show An Evening With Nigella Lawson to Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington this January. Nigella tells Jesse what people can expect from the event. 

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Photo: Supplied

1:40 Great album: Judy Collins - In My Life

2:10 Television Critic Alex Casey

Alex has been watching:

House of Drag (TVNZ Ondemand)

The Sinner (Netflix)

Friday Night Lights (Lightbox)

2:20 Black Sheep

2:40 Fascinating Cricket Statistics

Did you know that Richard Hadlee took a wicket every 39 deliveries?Or that Don Bradman only hit six 6's in his entire test match career?How about the fact that Chris Martin is one of only four players in the history of international cricket to take more wickets than he scored runs?

Well, all this is true. And the reason we know they're true is because at every professional cricket match, there's a person there whose job it is to collect all these statistics.

One of the best-known in New Zealand is Ian Smith (no, not that Ian Smith). He's the head scorer for Cricket Wellington and joins us to talk cricket.

Sir Richard Hadlee bowling against India in 1990.

Sir Richard Hadlee bowling against India in 1990. Photo: Photosport

3:10 Happy 200th birthday to the Vampire

If you want to understand people you need to understand the things we fear. And across three centuries, the Vampire has telegraphed our anxieties. So says Professor Nick Groom, the Prof of Goth. 

We don't just fear vampires like Dracula anymore, we laugh with the likes Viago, Deacon and Vladislav, the vampires created by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi in What We Do In The Shadows.

The vampire is 200 years old this year. Professor Groom chronicles our fascination with them in his book,  The Vampire: A New History

Bela Lugosi as Dracula

Bela Lugosi as Dracula Photo: Wikipeda

3:35 Voices

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Mihingarangi Forbes and Garry Moore