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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 19 October 2018

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1:10 First song: Anxiety Club

Wellington band Anxiety Club are back with us today - they were on New Zealand Live in February, and have just released a new EP called Black Heart. They perfom one of their new songs live.

Anxiety Club

Anxiety Club Photo: supplied

1:15 Privacy: Compulsory surveys

Yesterday we were discussing privacy, can we be recorded and can we record others. During the conversation we had an email from a listener concerned about a recent survey she had been asked to take part in.

The Statistics New Zealand letter stated the survey wasn't optional which Joanne  found strange - particularly because it would be done at her home and take 45 minutes. 

We talk to Joanne and get response from Jason Attewell at Statistics New Zealand about what this involves. 

Hand with pen over application form on blure water glass background

Photo: 123rf

1:25 All-women judging panel for NZ Bagpiping comp

Every year on Labour Weekend bagpipers all over the country get together for the Silver Chanter Piping Championships. 

In what's believed to be a world first, 2018's judging panel will be all-women. 

Women are under-represented in 'piping', as its known in the industry.

Patricia Henderson is one of the exceptions and she's here from Scotland to judge the event, and joins us on the show to discuss it. 

Marion Horsburgh from Wellington is one of the judges on the all-women panel

Marion Horsburgh from Wellington is one of the judges on the all-women panel Photo: Supplied

1:35 Otago's coin collection

Otago Museum has an incredible Roman coin collection, one to rival international institutions.

But most of the coins are stored in the museum's vault, out of the public eye. 

Dr Gwynaeth McIntyre and her colleague are studying the coins and getting them digitised so we can all check them out online. She tells us why they're of interest. 

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Photo: Alan Dove Photography

1:40 Great album - Billy Joel, Strangers

2:10 Film Review with Richard Swainson

Richard reviews First Man and She Shears

2:20 NZ Live: Daffodils

Auckland band Daffodils are having a big year. In 2016 and 2017 they stormed the Rockquest finals as a high school band and now they're juggling study with playing gigs all over Auckland. 

They've released four singles over the last little while and are bringing their bass heavy, dreamy style to new audiences wherever they can. They join Jesse in the Auckland studio. 


Daffodils Photo: Supplied

3:10 Food with Casey McDonald

Casey McDonald from Craggy Range Restaurant is here to talk food. The restaurant won two hats at the cuisine awards this week, he tells us about that and shares his recipe for Potato Foccacia.

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Photo: Supplied / Casey McDonald

3:20 Talk the Walk: The Orongorongo tracks

Today we have tramper, photographer and tramping author Shaun Barnett on to talk about the Orongorongo track near Wellington

Shaun is the author of the book Tramping: A New Zealand History and Back Country Huts of New Zealand.

He regularly takes his 3 children tramping and says the Orongorongo tracks in the Remutaka Forest park are perfect for beginners.

3:25 Critter of the Week The Pygmy Blue Whale

Until recently, it was believed that the pygmy blue whales seen in the South Taranaki Bight were just animals passing through the area.  Research from a detailed, multipronged study published earlier this year instead shows these whales belong to a genetically distinct, New Zealand population.  Nicola Toki, DOC’s Threatened Species Ambassador, tells us that they are making the most of a special oceanic ‘upwelling’ that supplies them with food.

Pygmy blue whale spotted off the coast of Cape Farewell.

Pygmy blue whale spotted off the coast of Cape Farewell. Photo: SUPPLIED/ Leigh Torres

And here are the entries for our Critter of the Week BAKE OFF!

We'll let you know the winners next Friday

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Jock Anderson and Nicky Pellegrino