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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 4 April 2016

1:10 First Song

'40 Winters' - The Andrew London Trio.

1:15 New Zealand 'Key Player' in Panama Papers - Gerard Ryle

The big story of the day, is the leak of more than 11 million documents, revealing New Zealand is being used as a tax haven by foreign politicians, drug traffickers, billionaires, celebrities and sports stars. The security breach has exposed Panama-based Mossack Fonseca, and shows how a global industry of law firms and big banks sell financial secrecy. It's considered to be the world's largest data leak. Theanonymous source shared the documents with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists which organised an investigation by news organisations throughout the world. The documents include emails, banking details and client records dating back 40 years and reveal the inner workings of a law firm famed for its secrecy. Gerard Ryle is the director of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. And he says New Zealand is a key player in the offshore world.

1:25 Simulating Friendly Fire - Professor Deak Helton

'War is hell' is an old adage our guest believes in, and he's out to save lives and reduce casualties. University of Canterbury psychology professor, Deak Helton, and his students are setting out to simulate the hell of friendly fire. Deak talks about how to reduce collateral damage in modern warfare.

1:35 Getting Girls Into Tech - Nilesh Kanji

Getting more female high school students to explore digital technology is the aim of an initiative, called GirlsInC. Girls in Computing is he brainchild of Nilesh Kanji. He started the support network as a response to the major drop-off rates in girls doing computer-based subjects at school. And now the Waikato University senior tutor is launching the Girls GameMaker Competition.

1:40 Favourite Album

Anthem of the Sun - The Grateful Dead.

2:10 The Critics

TV Review - Phil Wallington    
Books - Vanda Symon
New Music - Dianne Swann
Theatre - John Smythe and Lexie Matheson

3:10 Feature Interview - Nancy Jo Sales

Anyone with a teenager in the house, especially a teenage girl, knows how much time they spend on their phones and on social media.  But they aren't just trading gossip.  NetSafe warns  most New Zealand teenagers have been asked to send a nude picture. Social media is putting huge pressure on  teenage girls says author and journalist Nancy Jo Sales. Her new book American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers  looks at the unprecedented pressures teenagers are now dealing with. 

3:35 Voices

She fled the civil war in Sierra Leone as a baby and overcame life-long adversities with her health. Now she's driven to make a real difference within our ethnic minority communities. Fatumata Bah is young, Muslim and black - and she's representing New Zealand at the 33Sixty Commonwealth Young Leaders Programme in Scotland this year.  
Lynda Chanwai-Earle is in Auckland to meet this remarkable young leader on the eve of her trip-of-a-life-time.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about with Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Zara Potts.

Music played in this show



ARTIST:         The Andrew London Trio

TITLE:             40 Winters

COMP:           Andrew London

ALBUM:         Let's Have Friends Around For Dinner         

LIVE:              RNZ Wgtn




ARTIST:         The Grateful Dead

TITLE:             That's It for the Other One

COMP:           Jerry Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh, Ron McKernan, Bob Weir, Tom Constanten

ALBUM:         Anthem of the Sun

LABEL:          Warner


ARTIST:         The Grateful Dead

TITLE:             Alligator

COMP:           Phil Lesh, Ron McKernan, Robert Hunter

ALBUM:         Anthem of the Sun

LABEL:          Warner




ARTIST:         Australian Crawl

TITLE:             Reckless

COMP:           James Reyne

ALBUM:         Semantics

LABEL:          EMI


ARTIST:         Gin Wigmore

TITLE:             Hey Ho

COMP:           Gin Wigmore, Dan Wilson

ALBUM:         Holy Smoke

LABEL:          Universal


ARTIST:         Radiohead

TITLE:             House of Cards

COMP:           Colin Greenwood, Ed O'Brien, Jonny Greenwood, Philip Selway, Thom Yorke

ALBUM:         In Rainbows

LABEL:          XL


MUSIC CRITIC: Dianne Swann


ARTIST:         Steve Earle & Shawn Colvin

TITLE:             You're Right (I'm Wrong)

COMP:           Steve Earle, Shawn Colvin

ALBUM:         Colvin & Earle

LABEL:          Sound cloud


ARTIST:         Will Wood

TITLE:             Drown, Drown , Drown

COMP:           William Wood

ALBUM:         Magpie Brain & Other Stories

LABEL:          Lyttleton Records


ARTIST:         Steve Earle

TITLE:             South Nashville Blues

COMP:           Steve Earle

ALBUM:         I Feel Alright

LABEL:          Warner




ARTIST:         Beyoncé & Jay Z

TITLE:             Crazy In Love

COMP:           Beyoncé Knowles, Rich Harrison, Shawn Carter, Eugene Record

ALBUM:         Dangerously in Love          

LABEL:          Columbia