1:10 First Song

'To My Surprise' - James. 

1:15 Decriminalising Drugs - Ross Bell

The Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has indicated today that the government might consider taking a more tolerant approach to minor drug offences. Ross Bell is the Director of the New Zealand Foundation. He welcomes a 'harm minimisation' approach to drugs.  

1:27 Sealice - Dr Simon Baker

Sealice are suspected to have played a part in a teenager suffering a bad reaction after swimming in Auckland's Hauraki gulf. The 17 year old was airlifted to Auckland hospital after appearing to have an anaphylactic reaction possibly to sea lice bites. It's the latest in the string of concerns about stings and bites for wimmers in the Gulf this summer.  Dr Simon Baker Medical Officer of Health at Auckland Regional Public Health Service.

1:34 Sound Archives - Sarah Johnston

Recordings of performing animals this week - and a mad cat-lady recording!

1:40 Favourite Album

True Colours - Split Enz.  

2:10 Jef Neve and The APO at Auckland Museum

A world renown composer and pianist Jef Neve from Belgium is collaborating with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra this weekend as part of Auckland Museum's First World War Centenary programme. Jef is performing In Flanders Fields: Jef Neve and the Endurance of the First World War at the Auckland Museum on Saturday April 2 .

2:20 Bookmarks - Tom Scott

Celebrated cartoonist Tom Scott tells about a few of his favourite things on Bookmarks today.

3:10 Geoffonomics - Geoff Simmons

Economist Geoff Simmons analyses the Universal Basic Income proposed by the Labour Party at their Future Of Work conference, recently.

3:20 The Wireless

Sex education has been taught in New Zealand schools since 1999, and last year the Ministry of Education released an updated guide for schools on teaching sexuality which addresses issues of consent, coercion and cultural differences. But while sex ed is a compulsory part of the curriculum, schools are free to decide how they teach it - so what we learn (and don't learn) can vary wildly from one school to the next. Lucy Smith hit the streets for The Wireless to find out people learnt in high school sex education and what they wished they'd been told.

3:30 History - Grant Morris

Victoria University legal history lecturer Grant Morris discusses the orgins of New Zealand's free education system.

3:35 New Zealand Society

A woman, a dog and thousands of kilometres of New Zealand road. Leisa McNaughton is cycling the country with her canine companion, Indy, to raise awareness of mental illness. She caught up with Katy Gosset as she passed through Christchurch and shared her own story of recovery. 

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about with Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Zara Potts. 

Music played in this show




ARTIST:         James

TITLE:             To My Surprise

COMP:           Jim Glennie

ALBUM:         The Girl at The End Of The World

LIVE:              Mercury




ARTIST:         Split Enz

TITLE:             Shark Attack

COMP:           Tim Finn

ALBUM:         True Colours

LABEL:          Polydor


ARTIST:         Split Enz

TITLE:             I Wouldn't Dream Of It

COMP:           Tim Finn

ALBUM:         True Colours

LABEL:          Polydor


ARTIST:         Split Enz

TITLE:             Nobody Takes Me Seriously         

COMP:           Tim Finn

ALBUM:         True Colours

LABEL:          Polydor




ARTIST:         Jef Neve

TITLE:             Anthem For Our Fathers 

COMP:           Jef Neave

ALBUM:         In Flanders Fields (Soundtrack)

LABEL:          Download


BOOKMARKS FEATURE: Tom Scott's Music Picks


ARTIST:         The Beatles

TITLE:             There's A Place

COMP:           Paul McCartney, John Lennon    

ALBUM:         Please, Please Me

LABEL:          Parlophone


ARTIST:         Van Morrison

TITLE:             I'll Be Your Lover Too                     

COMP:           Van Morrison

ALBUM:         Street Choir

LABEL:          Warner




ARTIST:         Leonard Cohen

TITLE:             Everybody Knows

COMP:           Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson

ALBUM:         I'm Your Man.

LABEL:          Columbia