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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 16 March 2016

1:10 First Song

"Drone Bomb Me" - Anohni. 

1:15 US Politics - Jackie Kucinich

It's another big day in US politics, as five states have been voting in the primaries. The polls have closed in North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Illinois and Missouri. And today could shore up the front-runners. Jackie Kucinich is senior politics editor at The Daily Beast.

1:25 Whale With A Bad Tail - Mike Morriser

A whale of a tale with a whale missing part of its tail off the coast of Kaikoura.Department of Conservation staff are perplexed by sightings of a seven metre humpback whale which appears to have most of its flukes missing on it's tail. There have been several sightings of the  mammal which is thought to be about two to three years old. Kaikoura DOC ranger Mike Morriser has more on the whale tale.

1:30 A Taste Of Africa - Chris Berry

For more than 20 years Chris has blasted his powerful Afro-infused sound around the world rocking audiences at New York's Irving Plaza and playing to sold out stadiums in South Africa and the Sydney Opera House. On Saturday he'll be in more humble surroundings bringing his unique musical style to the tiny settlement of Port Waikato, which is home to just 300 permanent residents. Chris Berry joins Jesse to tell him more about his music which in large part originates from the decade he spent in Zimbabwe.

1:40 Sound Archives - Sarah Johnston

New Zealand's test cricket history began way back in 1930 when we first played a full England side, but by early 1956 we were still yet to win a test. That all changed 60 years ago last Sunday, when we beat the touring West Indies side at Eden Park in our first ever cricket test victory. Recordings of radio coverage of that epic event are held in the archives of Nga Taonga Sound & Vision.

1:40 Favourite Album

The Complete Recordings - Robert Johnson. 

2:10 Festival Report - Justin Gregory

There are only a few days left in the 2016 Auckland Arts Festival. Justin Gregory talks Big Mouth, the Atamira Dance Company and New Zealand opera Brass Poppies.

2:20 Bookmarks - Ian Taylor 

On Bookmarks this afternoon a man whose company is internationally recognised for its work in computer animation.  He was inducted into the New Zealand technology hall of fame in 2009, the following year North & South magazine named him their New Zealander of the year and in the 2012 New Years honours he was appointed a Companion of The New Zealand Order of merit.

3:10 Geoffonomics - Geoff Simmons

So far this year most world sharemarkets have fallen - the US is down 5% and at one stage had dropped 12%. Are we seeing the signs of another crash? 

3:20 The Wireless - Mava Moayyed

Mava Moayyed has been working on a feature about drinking for RNZ's online magazine, The Wireless. 

3:30 History - Dr Grant Morris

The legal historian Grant Morris has been looking at the history of New Zealand's drinking culture. 

3:35 Our Changing World

Peter Freestone at the University of Auckland tells Alison Ballance how he uses electricity and light to study individual brain cells. He hopes that the research may ultimately help in the development of a cure for Parkinson's disease.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about with Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Zara Potts.

Music played in this show




ARTIST:         Anohni

SONG:           Drone Bomb Me

COMP:           Antony Hegarty

ALBUM:         Hopelessness

LABEL:          Rough Trade




ARTIST:         Robert Johnson

TITLE:             Kind Harded Woman Blues

COMP:           Robert Johnson

ALBUM:         The Complete Recordings: Robert Johnson

LABEL:          Columbia


ARTIST:         Robert Johnson

TITLE:             Cross Road Blues

COMP:           Robert Johnson

ALBUM:         The Complete Recordings: Robert Johnson

LABEL:          Columbia


ARTIST:         Robert Johnson

TITLE:             Sweet Home Chicago

COMP:           Robert Johnson

ALBUM:         The Complete Recordings: Robert Johnson

LABEL:          Columbia


BOOKMARKS - with Ian Taylor:


ARTIST:         Procol Harum

TITLE:             A Whiter Shade of Pale

COMP:           Gary Brooker, Keith Reid, Matthew Fisher

ALBUM:         Procol Harum

LABEL:          Deram


ARTIST:         Kal Q Lated Risk

TITLE:             I'll Be Home (In a Day or So)

COMP:           Williams

ALBUM:         Single

LABEL:          HMV


ARTIST:         The Beatles

TITLE:             Eleanor Rigby

COMP:           John Lennon, Paul McCartney

ALBUM:         Revolver

LABEL:          Parlophone


ARTIST:         Fats Domino

TITLE:             Blueberry Hill

COMP:           Vincent Rose, Larry Stock, Al Lewis

ALBUM:         This Is Fats Domino

LABEL:          Imperial




ARTIST:         Queen

TITLE:             Killer Queen

COMP:           Freddie Mercury

ALBUM:         Sheer Heart Attack

LABEL:          Elektra