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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 29 February 2016

1:15 Dr Ranginui Walker - Maanu Paul

One of Māoridom's most influential leaders and spokesmen of his generation, Dr Ranginui Walker, has died this morning. The leader, historian, and academic was 83. Maanu Paul, from the New Zealand Māori Council, is with us to reflect on Dr Ranginui Walker's life.

1:25 Cyclone Winston - Alex Perrottet

Relief supplies are starting to reach the worst-hit outer islands, eight days after Cyclone Winston hit Fiji. More than 60-thousand people have been left homeless and the death toll remains at 42 with two people still missing. RNZ International's Alex Perrottet has been on the outer island of Taveuni.

1:30 Oscars Red Carpet - Sonia Sly

It's Oscars time, and the who's-who of the movie world have been showing off their outfits on the red carpet. The ceremony starts at about two thirty this afernoon. And RNZ is live-streaming and live-blogging the glitz and the winners. RNZ's fashion guru, Sonia Sly, has been keeping an eye on the frocks.

1:35 This Giant Papier Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy - Christian Nicolson

Our next guest had a dream of making a sci-fi movie and he's not only made it but he's taken out an award at the 41st Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival. Auckland-based artist and filmmaker, Christian Nicolson, has just returned from Boston where his film, This Giant Papier Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy, won Best Sci-fi Comedy. And the category didn't even exist.

1:40 Favourite Album

No Code - Pearl Jam.

2:10 The Critics

TV review - Linda Burgess

Music - Colin Moriss

Books - Vanda Symon

Ballet - Deirdre Tarrant

Theatre - Maraea Rakuraku 

3:10 Feature Interview - Eleanor Clift

Eleanor Clift has covered every Presidential election since 1976 first for Newsweek magazine and now is a regular political commentator for The Daily Beast online. Eleanor joins us from Washington DC.

3:35 Voices

They've performed over 40 times around the world but now an international folk dance troupe from Xiamen are giving schools across Wellington workshops in Chinese Folk Dance as part of a new educational outreach programme celebrating Chinese New Year. Lynda Chanwai-Earle is at Mount Cook School to learn alongside the children.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about, with Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Julie Moffett.

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ARTIST:    Weezer
SONG:    Thank God For Girls
COMP:    Rivers Cuomo, Alex Goose
ALBUM:    Weezer (The White Album)
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ARTIST:    Pearl Jam
TITLE:        Present Tense
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TITLE:        Occapella
COMP:     Allen Toussaint
ALBUM:     This Record Belongs To .....
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ARTIST:    Tom Waits
TITLE:        The Soul Of A Man
COMP:     "Blind" Willie Johnson
ALBUM:     God Don't Never Change - The Songs of Blind Willie Johnson.
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ARTIST:    Carole King
TITLE:        One Was Johnny
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ALBUM:     This Record Belongs To .....
LABEL:    Southbound

ARTIST:    The Muppets (Jim Henson)
TITLE:        The Rainbow Connection
COMP:     Paul Williams, Kenneth Ascher
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LABEL:    Southbound


ARTIST:    American Authors
TITLE:        Best Day of My Life
COMP:    Aaron Accetta, Zachary Barnett, Shep Goodman, David Rublin, Matthew Sanchez, James Shelley
ALBUM:    Oh What A Life
LABEL:    Island