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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 9 December 2015

1:10 First Song

'Untitled (How does it feel)' - D'Angelo. 

1:15 Brendon McCullum - Darryl Baser

Brendon McCullum has just fronted a press conference in Dunedin, speaking publicly for the first time since the Chris Cairns not guilty verdict. RNZ Reporter, Darryl Baser, was there.

1:20 Hunt for the Wilderpeople - Taika Waititi

New Zealand filmmaker, Taika Waititi, is off to Sundance Film Festival for the fourth time. His new film, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, is set to premiere in January. We've tracked him down in Los Angeles to find out more about the project.

1:30 Serco Announcement - Demelza Leslie

The Department of Corrections has dropped Serco's contract to manage Mt Eden Prison. This follows an investigation into alleged assaults and fight clubs at the prison. The department's chief executive, Ray Smith, and the out-going minister of Corrections, Sam Lotu-iiga, have just given a media conference about the decision. Our reporter Demelza Leslie was there.   

1:35 Gaming Culture Of The 1980's - Sarah Johnston

With Christmas just around the corner, computer games and gaming consoles are probably on the wish-lists in many households. It's more than 30 years since gaming culture arrived in New Zealand, not in-home so much at first, apart from 'Pong' but with Space Invaders and 'video parlours' and the accompanying moral panic about young people wasting hours firing at screens. Sarah Johnston from Nga Taonga Sound & Vision has been looking at how radio covered the arrival of a new entertainment for.

1:40 Favourite Album

Business as Usual - Men at Work. 

2:20 Roadmap - Governors Bay

Governors Bay, at the southern reaches of Lyttleton Harbour, was first settled in 1845.  The town is 2 kilometres West of Quail Island on the Port hills side of the inlet, just a few minutes by road from Lyttleton township.

3:10 Technology And Innovation

Our technology correspondent Paul Brislen has advice for Christmas shoppers, Apple launches its ugliest product yet, and we meet our Innovator-Of-The-Week, Isaac Wilson from TextFerret.

3:25 The Wireless

Mava Moayyed's story about the New Zealanders finding fame in Korean show business is published in RNZ's online magazine The Wireless this week.    

3:35 New Zealand Society

Burmese born Aung Soe fled Myanmar as a child with his family to find a better life here. Lynda Chanwai-Earle is in Auckland to hear how Aung and his family survived years of separation and turmoil to turn their lives around.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about with Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Zara Potts.

Music played in this show


ARTIST: D'Angelo
TITLE: Untitled (How does it feel)
COMP: D'Angelo, Saadiq
ALBUM: Voodoo


ARTIST: Men at Work
TITLE: Who Can It Be Now?
ALBUM: Business as Usual

ARTIST: Men at Work
TITLE: Down Under
COMP: Hay, Strykert
ALBUM: Business as Usual

ARTIST: Men at Work
TITLE: Be Good Johnny
COMP: Ham, Hay
ALBUM: Business as Usual

ARTIST: Men at Work
TITLE: Down By The Sea
COMP: Ham, Hay, Stanley, Strykert
ALBUM: Business as Usual


ARTIST: The Eastern
TITLE: Wait Out The Winter
COMP: McGrath / Shanks
ALBUM: Hope & Wire
LABEL: Rough Peel

ARTIST: The Unfaithful Ways
TITLE: Trouble I'm In
COMP: Marlon Williams
ALBUM: Free Rein Sampler
LABEL: Aeroplane

ARTIST: Lindon Puffin
TITLE: Outta Reach
COMP: Lindon Puffin
ALBUM: Hope Holiday
LABEL: Private

ARTIST: Aldous Harding
TITLE: Stop Your Tears
COMP: Aldous Harding
ALBUM: Aldous Harding
LABEL: Lyttleton


ARTIST: Patti Smith
TITLE: People Have The Power
COMP: Smith
ALBUM: Patti Smith: Land 1975-2002 (Compilation)
LABEL: Arista