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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 28 October 2015

1:10 First Song

'Hello' - Adele

1:15 Cold Chisel - Jimmy Barnes And Ian Moss

Australia and New Zealand may be going head-to-head this weekend for the Rugby World Cup final. But, we're big enough to welcome an Australian into the studio today. He's rock-legend Jimmy Barnes. Australian music royalty and lead singer of Cold Chisel. And with us also is guitarist, Ian Moss.

1:30  Australian Media And The Rugby World Cup - Murray Olds

We're counting down to the final of the Rugby World Cup this weekend. The Aussie team isn't even muttering the words 'All Blacks'. But some Australian media seem to be declaring war on Richie McCaw.Expat New Zealander and Sydney sports commentator, Murray Olds, is with us with the latest..

1:35 'Healthy' Halloween - Miriam Mullard

Halloween is fast approaching, and some parents may be cringing at the sugar factor looming this Saturday night. Miriam Mullard is a dietitian from Massey University's School of Food and Nutrition. And she's with us to share some tips and tricks, to keep the event healthy.

1:40 Favourite Album

The Wild, The Innocent And The E Street Shuffle - Bruce Springsteen.

2:10 Boon Festival, Hamilton

Hamilton's first street art festival, Boon, is on a mission to transform grey walls into stunning artworks. The public will have an opportunity to watch 11 artists paint large murals on 9 walls in the Hamilton CBD over 3 days, from October 30th to November 1st. Paul Bradley is a spokesperson for the festival.

2:20 Roadmap - Riwaka

We are in the South Island again today for the roadmap and off to a summer hot spot. Riwaka, home to approximately 600 people is located six kilometres north of Motueka and is near Tasman Bay and the Riwaka River.

3:10 Technology And Innovation

Our technology correspondent Paul Brislen will discuss the EU ban on mobile roaming and Apple is in trouble for it's 'Wifi Assist' product. And we meet our innovators of the the week, OMG Tech Rangers was set up by Vend's Vaughn Rowsell and Nanogirl (Dr Michelle Dickinson) to prepare kids for the tech world they will live in. 

3:35 New Zealand Society

International Panda expert Dr Edith MacDonald is looking at whether Wellington Zoo can viably support giant panda bears, while educating children around the country on conservation. Lynda Chanwai-Earle brings you this New Zealand Society story about China's cutest symbol of conservation and Panda's "Big Day" at one Wellington primary school. 

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about with Jesse Mulligan and Zara Potts.

Music played in this show

Wednesday 28th October


TITLE: Hello
COMP: Adele
LABEL: Columbia


ARTIST: Bruce Springsteen
TITLE: New York City Serenade
COMP: Springsteen
ALBUM: The Wild, the innocent and the E street shuffle
LABEL: Columbia

ARTIST: Bruce Springsteen
TITLE: The E Street Shuffle
COMP: Springsteen
ALBUM: The Wild, the innocent and the E street shuffle
LABEL: Columbia

ARTIST: Bruce Springsteen
TITLE: Rosalita (Come out tonight)
COMP: Springsteen
ALBUM: The Wild, the innocent and the E street shuffle
LABEL: Columbia


ARTIST: The Blackseeds
TITLE: Don't turn around
COMP: August, Jaray, Murphy, Patterson, Weetman, Weir
ALBUM: Dust And Dirt
LABEL: Blackseeds

ARTIST: Gin Wigmore
COMP: Wigmore, Elizondo
ALBUM: Holy Smoke
LABEL: Island

ARTIST: Dragon
TITLE: April Sun in Cuba
COMP: Hewson, Hunter
ALBUM: Running Free
LABEL: Portrait

ARTIST: Dave Dobbyn
TITLE: Language
COMP: Dobbyn
ALBUM: Dave Dobbyn: The Best Is Yet To Come [Radio Sampler] (Compilation)
LABEL: Columbia


ARTIST: Georgia Satellites
TITLE: Keep your hands to yourself
COMP: Baird
ALBUM: Georgia Satellites
LABEL: Elektra