1.05 First Song 

'Restless' - New Order

1.12 Power failure

Lois Williams on a power failure affect huge are of the Far North.

1.17   Work Ethics and 'Making a Fuss' - Cecile Meier

Making a fuss is not something New Zealanders are particularly good at, according to Cecile Meier. It's the topic of the half Swiss, half French journalists' latest opinion column for The Press. And now she's going to tell us why.

1.20 6-hour working week

Daniel Wackner (Swedish Public Radio) explodes a myth about a 6-hour working week

1.27   'Floating Classroom' - Tash Luxton

Marlborough may be set to get a floating classroom. That's the hope of Conservation Kids New Zealand and the Lochmara Wildlife Recovery Trust. The idea is to relocate a glass-bottom boat to the sounds, and run education programmes from it. One of the people behind the idea, is Conservation Kids New Zealand founder, Tash Luxton.

1.34   Critter of the Week - Canterbury mudfish

The Canterbury Mudfish is our Critter of The Week. It a series where we focus on the lesser-known threatened species. Nicola Toki is the Department of Conservation's threatened species ambassador.

1.40 Feature Album

Dinah Washington 'The Best In Blues".

2:08 The Morepork

2:12 Cobwebs and Colonials: Sarah Mathew and the Founding of Auckland.

On today's programme we hear an eyewitness account of the founding of Auckland.

2:20 NZ Live - Adam McGrath

Folk singer Adam McGrath performs live from our Auckland music studio.  

3.10  Food - Jonny Schwass

3.20  Weekend Wine - Cameron Douglas 

3.25 Movie Review - Richard Swainson

The Martian & Queen And Country

3.33 New Music - Yadana Saw


3:45  Panel Pre-Show