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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 9 September 2015

1:10 First song

The Beatles 'Dear Prudence'

1:20 Shelf Catering: The Open Book Residency - Jessica Fox

An Air BnB listing invites writers, artists and thinkers to Scotland's book town to run a bookshop for short stay. Designed to bring new creative talent to Wigtown, and raise awareness of issues facing booksellers everywhere, people are invited to "Live your dream of having your very own bookshop by the sea in Scotland...for a week or two".

1:25 Shark Rescue - Dr Ingrid Visser

Dr Ingrid Visser usually spends her time rescuing orca, but on Monday she made a rescue of a different kind, when she carried out her first shark rescue in the Bay of Islands. And it sounds like it was quite exciting.

1:35 BBC Witness - Beatlemania

On 7 February 1964, British pop group The Beatles were met by hysterical crowds when their plane landed in the USA. Judith Kristen was one of the thousands of teenage girls at the airport that day. 

1:40 Favourite Album

'I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got' by Sinead O'Connor.  Chosen by Gabe McDonnell. 

2:10 Facebook Study - Sam Stronge 

Frequent Facebook use could be making us less happy with our bodies. That's one of the conclusions of a new study drawn from the views of thousands of Kiwis. The findings, which are the first of their kind in New Zealand, shed new light on how Facebooking Kiwis really feel about themselves. Auckland University PhD candidate Sam Stronge conducted the research. 

2:20 Talking Food

Mahoe Cheese - Jake Rosevear

Mahoe is one of the big names in New Zealand cheese. Winner of multiple medals in the NZ Cheese Awards including Supreme Best Cheese winner for their very old edam, the business is run out of a small farm in Northland, on State Highway 10, a turnoff just past Moerewa.

Fooderies - Abysinnia - Amelia Nurse

Amelia Nurse has been checking out some of the Auckland region's more exciting food enterprises. Today she visits Cafe Abyssinia - a restaurant that is one of only a few in New Zealand. 

Toast And Coffee - Al Keating

Green Smoothies - Rebecca Wadey

3:10 Technology And Innovation

Our technology correspondent Paul Brislen is here to talk about on-line voting and electromagnetic sensitivity, among other things.

Innovator of the Week - this week the entire computer game sector is booming in New Zealand.  Stephen Knightly runs the NZ Game Developers Association. 

3:25 The Wireless

Our colleagues at Radio New Zealand's online magazine The Wireless have started a new series of videos featuring ordinary people talking about issues they really care about. Mental health advocate Suzana Harris has fronted the first video. Suzana's trying to get the message out there that better mental health can can start simply by being kinder to each other.

3:35 Ogo - Amelia Nurse New Zealand Society

Ogo is a patented active moving seat control system which runs on lithium ion batteries. In other words, it's an electric wheelchair - and it's just won a $10 000 prize from an Innovate Competition run by Manawatu based Building Better Companies. Kevin Halsall is a designer and mould maker for the plastics industry. Amelia Nurse visits his massive workshop in Otaki to have a look at the Ogo prototype.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about.  With Jesse Mulligan, Jim Mora and Zara Potts. 

Music details


ARTIST: The Beetles
TITLE: Dear Prudence
COMP: Lennon, McCartney
ALBUM: The White Album
LABEL: Parlophone


ARTIST: Sinead O'Conner
TITLE: Nothing Compares to you
COMP: Prince
ALBUM: 'I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got'
LABEL: Ensign

ARTIST: Sinead O'Conner
TITLE: Three Babies
COMP: O'Connor
ALBUM: 'I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got'
LABEL: Ensign

ARTIST: Sinead O'Conner
TITLE: You Cause as Much sorrow
COMP: O'Connor
ALBUM: 'I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got'
LABEL: Ensign

ARTIST: Sinead O'Conner
TITLE: Black boys on mopeds
COMP: O'Connor
ALBUM: 'I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got'
LABEL: Ensign


ARTIST: Sammy Davis Jr
TITLE: The Candy Man
COMP: Bricusse, Newley
ALBUM: Sammy Davis, Jr.: The Definitive (Compilation)

ARTIST: Lawrence Arabia
TITLE: Apple Pie Bed
COMP: Milne, Buda
ALBUM: Chant Darling
LABEL: Honorarybedouin